Monday, June 23, 2008

Jonathan Richman- The Best Of-The Beserkley Years

This is all you need, there is nothing else worthwhile.
This is the only record you will ever need. This is the desert island
disc you couldn't remember. Why? It's pure fun, and pop rock,
and well, catchy, and it'll take all your worries away,
and take you to another place, so you forget about your
troubles. And that's what good rock music does.
It takes you to a higher level. It makes you think of happy
little things, and you suddenly forget where you
are, and that's what we could all use right now,huh?
I'm pretty depressed.
And this album will help me through it all. I hate when comedians
die like George Carlin. He makes so many people just plain happy,
plus you get the bonus stuff your supposed to think about...
like why is everything so fucked up?
To me, he was just starting to get interesting, and then,
blam, he's gone. He was getting so spot on, and his routines were getting
increasingly political in nature. And I think he was just hitting his stride and
I thought he was brilliant! He told it like it was. We need more people
like that...Anyways, back to this album, it's great!
It's all of the best stuff (duh) from Jonathan Richman And The Modern
Lovers from 1975, 1976, 1977 and 1979. I suck at blogging.


frumious bandersnatch said...

Desert island disc, you're right. I know every single note but every time I hear it I realize how Jonathan Richman's genius is obvious.
Thanks for reminding us !!

Anonymous said...

I hate this motherfucker.