Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Monomen- Bent Pages- One Of Their Best!

Oooh! One of their best records; Recorded in 1988,1989, and 1991-92.
Features the earliest singles by the Monomen: Burning Bush, The Witch,
Away, No Time, then later works: Hang Up, Daylight, I Don't Care,
Watch Outside, Catalina, Right Now, No Reasons To Complain,
Boss Hoss, Lie Detector, Over The Edge. Lots of nods to 60's garage
music with covers like The Witch, Hang Up, No Reasons To Complain...
A solid record! The Northwest's best garage punk band, simply, because
they were able to put out their records, and many many others' records
on this fine label called Estrus Records. Bands like The Mortals,
early releases of The Makers, Girl Trouble, The Volcanos, The Gasoline,
Man Or Astroman, Dead Moon, Sugar Shack, Monkeywrench,
And oh so many bands are on that label : The Quadrajets,
The Fireballs Of Freedom, The Von Zippers, The Soledad Brothers,
The Immortal Lee County Killers, who am I forgetting? I'm sorry If
I forgot your band, but I do have every single record on this label.
That should make up for my lousy review here...I hope.
I can't possibly do Estrus Records a decent enough tribute here!


Dgrador said...

It's about time for another Garage Shock festival.

alex said...

These guys ALWAYS ROCK! One of my favorite bands from that time.

Brandonio! said...

Dude I just found your blog and I totally dig it.You have a shit ton of albums that i like so forgot about.Your commentary is a hoot too.
I also have a blog site that you may have heard of
I'm sure you'll find a few things that will spark your fancy.

You'll be added to our blog list as soon as i'm done here. Rock On!

garage66 said...

Yeah,I believe the Garage Shocks were thee best ways to be introduced to some really awesome bands. All at once you see 20-25 bands,and they all are each trying to blow each other off of the stage. Which was a really special thing for the audience to watch.
Plus the label-Estrus Records would sell a ton of ultra cool items at the merch table,that were rare,I met some cool people there, the whole experience was fun.But I think they should have had Garage Shock in different cities.Although I love the Bellingham/Seattle area,I think having one of these fests in Chicago or Las Vegas(cheap to fly to)would be also very cool. They had a Mid-West Division of a mini Garage Shock once...and that was pretty special.
I saw the Mortals,The Oblivions,
The Monomen(naturally),Jack O' Fire,played either that weekend or soon after,all great stuff.
There's no other label like Estrus Records.