Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Milkshakes- Talking 'Bout The Milkshakes- A Solid Album

Durable,lasting, in your face, and has more attitude than it knows
what to do with. The Milkshakes/Billy Childish/ Thee Headcoats,
and all of his other bands are really the same- real, honest rock.
This one is really a solid release of 14 great tracks, and not one stinky
track on this album! Here's the track listing:
She'll Be Mine, Pretty Baby, For She,
I Want 'Cha For My Little Girl, Ruhrgebeat, After Midnight,
Bull's Nose (my favorite), Shed Country, Don't Love Another,
Tell Me Where's That Girl, Can'tcha See,
Love You The Whole Night Through, Nothing You Can Say Or Do,
I Say You Lie. I say you get this, and whenever we're lucky to have
Billy Childish around, you'd better go and see him play live.

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zebulon said...

Thanks for posting this real good LP

Billy Childish is great !!!!