Monday, June 2, 2008

Very Sad Day In Music...Well Loved,and Will Be Missed

What a very sad day indeed! And what can you say about this man that hasn't
already been said? And one of my favorites has to pass away
on my birthday too....not much celebrating for me today. I was going to
post this set sooner, but was a little in shock over the amount of music
I would have to put together, and being a beginner at this,well, it was a
major task. Well, it's time now,to get the lead out, so to speak.
And if you're going to post it, do it all correctly right? I really hate
being the person who posts things when someone dies. But I was going
to post it soon anyways. After all, I did tell you about a book to read
about a month back, on an older post about Bo Diddley. And there's
so few books about him, that one is probably the best one to read.
There's 12 discs in this series,which is thee most complete set you're
find on the planet right now. This is a pretty amazing set of discs and
I will post as many as I can over the next week for you.This is the best
sounding series of discs, and it has got every single, and b-side on it!
On a personal note:
I count myself lucky having seen him several times over the years,
and when I last saw Bo Diddley in 2005, I already thought he might
have been sick, tired and also not wanting to tour or play live anymore.
But Bo carried on and played sitting down, at Little Steven's Underground
Festival in New York City on Randall's Island in August '05.
And what a show.
He was the elder statesmen of the event,and showed them all how it's done.
I was lucky to chat with him backstage, and he let me take some photos of
his guitar, then he gave me a guitar pick. What a crap in my pants moment.
Whatta nice man he was to me. He even gave me advice!
And that asshole Iggy wouldn't even acknowledge me or sign my things,
(I so bravely asked him to do for me) I guess some people are real, and
love their fans to death, and some aren't. Take that!
Bo signed many things for all of his fans that day, and held court backstage
like a king, he talked about so many things, and told me, never get married!
You don't need a piece of paper, plus divorce is a bitch! A regular guy, who
made the coolest music, and got totally ripped off by the record labels.
He talked about that at length, saying he'd never get remembered, and that
other and bigger stars will be remembered, and he wouldn't be.
That's not so, Bo! I think he's more ground-breaking than anyone else in his
And there's not one garage band who wasn't inspired by that Bo Diddley beat!
What a cool guy, and a tireless performer! Tune in,more to come!


frumious bandersnatch said...

Sad news, indeed... who's left now ? Alas I think we have to get ready to see them go, one after another. There are not so many great bluesmen & rcokers from the great origins still alive. Bo Diddley was different, he invented completely new forms, new rhythms & his influence on rock'n'roll is infinite. He wrote some of my all time favourite songs, like "who do you love", "mona", "whoa mule" & so many others.
Thank you for posting this great box set.

Ron. said...

Yep really sad.
But they all go the last years.
He was a big one.
Now only Chuck Berry is there left.

Thanks for posting this series.I got a lot of Bo,but not this one

Anonymous said...

Thank You

Bo Diddley was the Man
he will be greatley missed as are the other pioneers of rock-n-roll
that have deceased.

I have added this to my MusicBox for online listening pleasure.

Robert Fratzenhaft said...

Really a say day... buy Bo's music have always a good feeling comin from inside, he will be always with us, everytime in every song playin' with bo's groove...

Koen said...

I just discovered these posts too, many thanks. As for Bo's fear of being forgotten, I think he will 'Not Fade Away'.

jothman said...

tanx for sharing - Bo is a legend who will be remembered as long as people listen to RnR.

Timmy said...

I want you to know, I'm getting all 12 discs from you. I really do appreciate it. GREAT posting... Great web-site!

Ionas said...

Thank you so much! As a Bo fan frustrated by MCA/Chess' disgusting mismanagement of the master's recorded legacy, you've done a great service to rock 'n' roll lovers! The fact that Gunslinger is the only full album Universal will release is an insult of the highest order. Hopefully they right this wrong sometime soon. In the meantime, thanks for upping this monumental set!

diddleydaddy said...

Thank you sooo much for posting this one - I tried to buy it for a couple of years now - no chance, it only popped up on ebay for about 800 dollars last year, although it's rare, that's too much!! Very sad indeed that MCA/Chess didn't reissue this until now - I guess there are far more Bo Diddley Fans out there than they think!!! Thanks again - my computer will be smoking the next days getting the series...

Exeter said...

Bo was truly one of the greatest!

I had the privilege of seeing him several times; once his hand had been burned
trying to put out the fire in his room--he played great anyway! I revere Bo more highly than most.