Monday, June 30, 2008

Pebbles Trash Box Disc 2 -More Garage Various Artists

More Garage I always say...This is Disc 2 in the series of 5 discs total.
So they aren't as complete as the vinyl series, but are more compact.
Consider it a "Best Of" Pebbles, since whomever puts these out,
does a pretty decent job picking the tracks. Of course, being a student
of this music for a very long time, I'd make another set of these with
far more obscure tracks, and at least give more information with updates
like the bands' label, and the city and state of where the bands came from.
I think people want to know everything now about this music, since it's
has such a large and loyal following of fans! But this is a great way to start
out as a collector of this music, and it's up to you, to find out more about
each and every band you like, and with all of the other sites on here,
and on the web, it's fairly easy to learn more about these bands, by
simply typing in their names, and doing a search yourself. But consider,
in 1979 when the first series of Pebbles came out,on vinyl, and there was
no Internet.
My friends and I used fanzines, and small press books to learn about
the music,and traded tapes. Or it was by word of mouth, and often times,
the information was wrong! We also collected these little black round joyful
things by going to thrift stores, and digging through 1,000 singles of real crap,
just to find that one rare single. And it was worth it!
Boy I feel like a cave-woman now,and I'm dating myself...

Tracklisting: The Split Ends "Rich With Nothing",
The Sons Of Adam "Feathered Fish",
The Road "You Rub Me The Wrong Way", The Buddhas "Lost Innocense",
The Regiment "My Soap Won't Float", The Inmates "More Than I Have",
The Little Boy Blues "I Can Only Give You Everything",
Phil & The Frantics "I Must Run", The Choir "It's Cold Outside",
The Journeymen "She's Sorry", The Wee Four "Weird",
The William Penn Five "Blow My Mind",
Randy Alvey & The Green Fuz "Green Fuz",
The Bees "Voices Green And Purple",
Nobody's Children "Good Times",
The Sparkles "Ain't No Friend Of Mine",
The Barbarians "Hey Little Bird", The Spades "You're Gonna Miss Me",
The Ground Floor People "It's Alright Now",
The Brogues "I Ain't No Miracle Worker"
Coming Soon : Discs 3, 4, and 5.


Trustar said...

Thanks for the Trash, cave-women. Nice series.

Ciao bella


voodoorhythm said...

Thanks alot cave woman!
cant wait for the next 3!