Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Lollipop Shoppe- Just Colour- Fred Cole Keeps Rocking On

Fred Cole has been in more bands than I can even remember, in fact,
from a website called The Cole Mine, I just visited (to make a smart post here).
He's been in bands since 1964. Holy crap! I'll spare you some of the details.
He's been in The Lords (1964),
The Weeds ("It's Your Time" the classic 60's garage single)
(wow)! Deep Soul Cole, The Lollipop Shoppe
(mid to late 1960's- this particular album Just Colour came out in 1968 or so),
Then he was in an early 70's band named Zipper, then King Bee(1978),
The Rats (1980), and then later, when I saw him perform,
in the band Dead Moon. Which by my estimation, has put out the most
music,consistently. And by the way, regularly still rocks the house out
with this band, at shows, here and there. Lucky me, I saw them
perform at Garage Shock, and whatta great time that was!
Which Garage Shock was it? I think it was 1995, or was it 1997?
Oh man, it was quite a blur of music. Garage Shock was always the best
shows I ever saw. Each band out rocking the last band, (and some
wild insanity thrown in ) each and every time.
But when Dead Moon hit the stage, they, really
showed the rest of the younger cats how it was done. People stood,
and watched quietly, since he's this guy that never seems to age or look old.
He's quite spooky come to think of it!
Anyways, bow our heads to Fred Cole and Dead Moon, and this cool
60's band he had called The Lollipop Shoppe.
They made some great songs. So be sure to get this,and listen to it.
I just love "Mr. Madison Avenue", "You Must Be A Witch",
"Who's It Gonna Be", and several others all worth it! A very rare
release to be sure, so get it while it's hot.

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Dgrador said...

I saw them at Garage Shock '93 and '95. I was completely mesmerised.