Monday, June 30, 2008

Pebbles Trash Box Disc 1 -Wild Psychotic Garage Punk

Disc One of this series out of 5 discs total, is the real deal. Lots
of prime mid-60's garage here; some of the most well known
garage songs from that series. This set came out well after the vinyl
series, and you could say has been duplicated many times, over.
Well, the point is, is that these sound pretty good, and these singles
hold up well after all of these years.This is how the tracks were listed:
I kept any mistakes with it, to keep it exactly the way it's presented to me.
Disc one is:
The Litter "Action Woman", The Preachers "Who Do You Love",
The Floyd Dakil Combo "Dance Franny Dance",
The Shag "Stop & Listen", The Grains Of Sand "Going Away Baby",
The Rogues "Train 'Kept A Rollin'", The Sweet Acids "That Creature",
The Soup Greens "Like A Rolling Stone", The Wig "Crackin' Up",
The Positively 13 O'Clock "Psychotic Reaction",
Kim Fowley "The Trip", and "Underground Lady",
The Shadows "The Potato Chip Song",
The Wilde Knights "Beaver Patrol", The Stoics "Hate",
The Grodes "Let's Talk About Girls",
The Rogues "Wanted Dead Or Alive",
The Third Bardo "I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time"
The Fallen Angels "Bad Woman", and 2 bonus tracks
one is an unknown band with a track called "If It's Love You Want",
and the other is The Ground Floor People "Walking On Eggs"
Really worthy for a beginner garager and someone who already has
a lot of this, this series does sound very good! I have The Pebbles
series in every form, so I think this box set is a winner!
This does include all artwork, sleeves,etc. Get your garage on here:

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could you re-up this? and the Fireworks- Set The World On Fire- Hot?

Maybe try Mediafire. They don't fuck things up like RapidShare does