Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Doo Rag- Chuncked And Muddled- Homemade Blues LO Fidelity Styled -Better Than The White Stripes

Well, look at the cover,it is what it is= homemade, and it
looks like an old 78 rpm record. It's actually a CD, and this
band make records that sound like old records, but they do a
better job of it than anyone else can.
So if you like old blues songs, but not tired old blues songs,
than this will be a cool trip for you! Lucky you! This CD came out,
and then it disappeared. It was probably because whenever they
played live, they caused quite a cool disturbance,and sold all of their
junk at the shows! They even made these nifty homemade sew
on patches that were nothing but old denim cloth with
a lousey silkscreen on it. Talk about Do It Yourself?!
They really did it with style...But that's not really about the music.
But it seemed like everything the band did, they did it this way.
All homemade,and everything had a real "I made this myself" kind
of touch to it. I rather like that very very much. Cause it sounds honest.
And I'll tell you there's hardly any honesty to music nowadays...
and I think I'm gonna cry.
Anyways, Doo Rag were very very unique, and like nothing else.
There's nothing to compare them to,so you can just download this
and just shut the fuck up.
Just two guys stripped down music like, playing what looked
like home made instruments that resembled a very old vacuum cleaner.
The one guy on the left, Thermos Malling played a 5 gallon plastic
bucket. The guy on the right Bob Log played a really old steel guitar
occasionally. Plus his foot was tied to a few other instruments
(or was I seeing things) It was kinda dark in there.
This is way before The White Stripes kids, this record came out
in 1994, and I'll bet you a million jillion bucks that The White Stripes
heard this record,and formed a band right after hearing this.
I don't blame them. I would too.
I got nothing against The White Stripes, okay! I just LOVE hearing
REAL REAL ROCK AND ROLL with some balls, in the Top 40 Charts,
so they should really start putting out some records pretty soon,
or I'll go nuts. Doo Rag is from Tucson,Arizona, and they can come to
my house and eat up all of my food any time they like.


zebulon said...

Never heard 'bout these guys...

That's really what i like when visiting blog like yours, reading posts that makes me want to listen to discover the stuff

Thanks a lot for sharing !

Colinski said...

I'm pretty sure Doo Rag is long broken up, but Bob Log III plays as a one-man band. It's a wild, wild show. He's touring this summer with Scott H. Biram and Possessed by Paul James in a one-man-band extravaganza.

July 10 2008 - Granada Theatre - Dallas, Texas
July 11 2008 - Rudyards - Houston, Texas
July 12 2008 - Emos - Austin, Texas (outside)
July 14 2008 - The Opolis - Norman, Oklahoma
July 15 2008 - Mojo’s - Columbia, Missouri
July 16 2008 - The Picador - Iowa City, Iowa
July 17 2008 - Vaudeville Mews - Demoines, Iowa
July 18 2008 - Aquarium - Fargo, North Dakota
July 19 2008 - Triple Rock - Minneapolis, Minnesota
July 20 2008 - Deep Blues Festival - Lake Elmo, Minnesota
July 22 2008 - Ned Kelly’s Pub - Green Bay, Wisconsin
July 23 2008 - High Noon Saloon - Madison, Wisconsin
July 24 2008 - Empty Bottle - Chicago, Illinois
July 25 2008 - Pike Room - Pontiac, Michigan
July 26 2008 - Call The Office - London, Ontario
July 27 2008 - Casbah - Hamilton, Ontario
July 28 2008 - Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto, Ontario
July 29 2008 - Starlight Club - Waterloo, Ontario
July 30 2008 - Babylon - Ottowa, Ontario
July 31 2008 - La Sala Rossa - Montreal, Quebec
Aug 1 2008 - Harpers Ferry - Allston, Massachusetts
Aug 2 2008 - Jerky’s Live Music Hall - Providence, Rhode Island
Aug 3 2008 - Cafe Nine (No Scott H. Biram) New Haven, Connecticut
Aug 4 2008 - Mercury Lounge - New York, New York
Aug 5 2008 - Southpaw - Brooklyn, New York
Aug 6 2008 - Johnny Brendas - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 7 2008 - Iota Cafe - Arlington, Virginia
Aug 8 2008 - 31st Street Pub - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aug 9 2008 - Cafe Bourbon Street - Columbus, Ohio
Aug 10 2008 - Off Broadway Night Club - St Louis, Missouri
Aug 11 2008 - Riot Room - Kansas City, Missouri
Aug 12 2008 - Waiting Room - Omaha, Nebraska
Aug 13 2008 - Larimer Lounge - Denver, Colorado
Aug 14 2008 - Bar Deluxe - Salt Lake City, Utah
Aug 15 2008 - Neurolux - Boise, Idaho
Aug 16 2008 - Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, Oregon
Aug 17 2008 - Red Room - Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 18 2008 - El Corazon - Seattle, Washington
Aug 20 2008 - Bottom of the Hill - SanFransisco, California
Aug 21 2008 - Echo - Los Angeles, California
Aug 22 2008 - Casbah - San Diego, California

garage66 said...

Excellant comments.Thanks.
I knew that Bob Log III was still putting out CD's,and I have a few,
and they are okay.But I didn't know he was still touring,so that's great news.Now we know he's still alive. And yes,the point here is to once in a while surprise people with music they might have never heard of,or this site gives you a chance to discover music you might not know about.You can listen to it, and give it a test drive,and if you don't like it,you just delete it. That's also like radio on the internet. So I feel like I'm filling a gap for people that like outsider or unsual music.
garage66/mojo repair shop

Koen said...

Thanks, nice & primitive!

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