Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bo Diddley-The Chess Years Disc 11/12 The Final Two

Well, here it is...the last two things you need so you can graduate
from Bo Diddley college. Now you should know it all, because
if you really listen to all of these discs like I want you to, you will
hear all kinds of music. Not just 1950's Rock, but old blues songs,
and strange rhythms,and you will also hear how many people used
the patented Bo Diddley sound.
Because once you hear the "Original" guy singing and playing it, it
will remind you of about 1,000 other songs. That's okay though.
But you have to pay homage to the right guy, that's all.
Disc 12 is really the grooviest stuff; all kinds of rarities and
unissued takes of all of the classic songs: "I'm A Man", "Little Girl",
"Pretty Baby", "She's Alright" (Unedited),
"Signifying Blues" (Extended Version),
"The Soup Maker" (!) Bo loved to cook, "Bring It To Jerome",
"I'm High Again". 16 tracks on disc 11,and 26 tracks on disc 12.
All good! Thanks for coming here,and your kind comments.


jer.eps said...

thank th thank th thank, thank thank!

Art said...

Thanks for this series. Bo Diddley was never fullay appreciated, and I'm sure he;ll be forgotten by most of the world after the obligatory week of mourning. We lost a great treasure.

frumious bandersnatch said...

thanks again !!

Koen said...

Fantastic post, many thanks!
Perhaps Bo will be forgotten by most..., but remembered by those who count: the music lovers!

I'm trying to post some after Chess Diddleys on my site:

jothman said...

tanx so very much for sharing these 12 CDs -- what great music. Now all I need is my diddley diploma.
You might want to go here for a 9 CD Chuck Berry box. Yea, I know, only 9 CDS, what a chinzy set.

garage66 said...

Thank you everyone,I will check out your sites/posts too. Always like to see what other people are doing.
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YK said...

thank you so much for this awesome set! I've been wanting this for a while. There can never be enough Bo!

ruk said...

Thanks for this great boxset
of Bo Diddley .
Much appreciated .

great blog.

Regards , Martin

Memphis Marty said...

Hey, thanks for the great blog. Many of the Bo Diddley links are no longer active. Will they be reposted??