Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ike Turner & His Kings Of Rhythm- Ike's Instrumentals

Wow this release knocks me into next week. I'm always
surprised by a person's solo works, and what they do without
their band, and in this case, Tina Turner. Incredible guitar playing
that had to be heard by Jimi Hendrix and so many others,
because it so technically kicks ass. Enough to launch a thousand
more guitar players (at least). This release probably features
everything Ike did while he was (aka)Icky Renrut, and his singles
for Sue Records, Flair Records, and a medley from an obscure
Crown Records release in 1963. Some of the music is trying to
catch on to trends like the early 60's "twisting trend", but
it still beats a lot of other studio musicians' work from that time.
(roughly the tracks on this release are from 1954-1965)
This guy could play,and it's a shame we only remember him
for only beating up Tina. I know I'm gonna get it for saying that,
and I agree that abuse is an ugly ugly thing...
but ask anyone about Ike Turner, and that's the ONLY thing
that sticks in their heads. Truly a shame!
Cudos for Ace Records for putting this out, so we could hear it!


jothman said...

tanx for sharing - I remember running home from my paper route to watch American bandstand, and seeing Ike & Tine. Didn't he play piano on Rocket 88? Great tune.

1Surfrider said...

Outstanding blog, thanks for all the groovy stuff!

rupert said...

Thanks a lot, great stuff.

Delta_slider said...

Been lookin' around for this one! Thank you very much!

Renfrew Zetz said...

Thanks, man. Great stuff.