Monday, March 10, 2008

Head Sounds From The Bam-Caruso Waxworks Volume 1

This is a strange compilation of old and new garage and psychedelic bands,but surely worth listening to. Well, any compilation can open up your ears to new bands,one song at a time. It's got some tracks often featured on 60's comps of UK freakbeat bands like: Wimple Winch's "Save My Soul", and The Eye's "When The Night Falls" but they sound bright and alive than most recorded versions of these songs. The rest of the record seems new to any compilation.(As I've been collecting them for too long). This label, Bam-Caruso put out hard to find records from 1984-1990, and maybe that's why they didn't last longer. Another rare treat on this compilation, the "newer garage/psych" band Plasticland doing a cover of a Pretty Things/Electric Banana's song "Alexander". Wow, whatta great song to cover! There's also another "newer garage band" The Wylde Maniacs, which is another favorite. Thanks for digging the music, please support the bands, whenever they play in your area, because they make the most money for playing live shows, than they sometimes do from their record labels. Buy a t-shirt, a record, and their buttons. No password, just light the incense.


opiumparty69 said...

link killed - what a pity. i´d be really keen to get this one

any chance you could re-up it?

thx & hey! great site you got

unclecaintoad said...

Please re-upload!! Please, please and please again!!

Great website!!