Monday, March 24, 2008

Trip In Tyme Volume 4 23 Time Traveling Moody US 60's Garage Sounds

Trip In Tyme Volume 4, my last volume in this series.
Another compilation featuring the music I love...
And more tracks not found on many other compilations. I can assure you, after
collecting music for way too long, that these releases are really made with care,
and concern over not compiling the same garage music over and over again.
I mean how many comps do you have in your collection that feature
The Fabs doing "The Bag I'm In" ? It certainly is a great song,
written by Fred Neil, and you should hear his version of the song, it's pretty cool!
I really like the cover to this wonderful release-how old do you think that kid is in the front? Maybe 14 years old? That's what's cool about this music, it's made by teens,
and it's got a lot of energy.
So what were you doing when you were 14 years old? Making cool records?
Or just riding your bike, eating twinkies? making fart sounds?
Live link below.

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