Saturday, March 15, 2008

Strummin' Mental Part 2 Various Instrumentals 1957-1965

Raw! Crude! Instrumentals! 32 Tracks to spin -I love this series. My fave tracks are:
Ron Thompson "Switchblade", The Tempests "Lemon Lime", Alfredo Mendietta "Chicken Run",
The Fender Four "Margaya". Includes the artwork,as always...Link is below. Comments appreciated, just so I know people are diggin' this site. Thanks.


Brandonio! said...

This easily the best volume in the series.If you get just one,get this one.It Will change your life.

Andy Rampage said...

Seems that the *link* has "Expired!"
ANY 'CHANCE' Of A RE-POST for this ONE??