Friday, March 7, 2008

It's A Kave In! Wild Oz Sixties Punk From The Caverns Of Time!

Comes from Kustom 65 Records, a fine compilation of 60's Australian Garage Greats!
29 tracks,mostly from the mid 60's. Some mighty obscure bands here, and it's always interesting to hear any Australian garage 60's music,since they had a sound all their own; a lot of primal 60's beat, some tracks are from acetates, so this will be the only way to hear it! I'm not lyin' you'll love this type of music if you hear it, and give it a few listens, you will be hooked! Features bands like: The Creatures (and they were),The Outcasts, The Marksmen, and so many other never heard of bands. No password! Enjoy you punks!

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sweetbeats™ said...

Love this Alot Cheers my Mojo is working now !