Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Strictly Instrumental Volume 9

My last volume...oh crap. These are hard to find compilations, and I'm always looking for more.

It would seems these days, records stores don't want to stock good music anymore. Best to stock

the Rap,and only Top 40. Yuch! I'm sorry. I'm living in the past a lot when it comes to music.

No, not always, but it's a nice place to hang out in for a while. Another 30 tracks of awesome

instrumentals, my favorites are: The Caps "Red Headed Flea", and The Holidays "Concussion". Worthy!

Link below, write a comment if you feel inclined. Tell me what year you're living in...


debbie said...

Thanks for the great instros? Can you re-post Buzzolas???


Rock & Roll Doctor said...

Hey Garage 66 Like your blog so keep it going man !
Remember when your browsing to check out

jothman said...

Great post. tanx for sharing - you will find vol 1-8 posted here:

garage66 said...

Thanks Jothman! Always welcome if others have things to contribute,
especially music,rather than anything else,cause that's why we're here.

Dr. Humpp said...

Thanks for the posts. Hopefully, you can re-up the recently deleted links, especially the Buzzola stuff. Good luck!

garage66 said...

I will try to re-up things,give me a bit of time to find out how to do it. I had/have some technical problems. Besides where were you when they weren't deleted, you late bloomer! just kidding!

jothman said...

Volume 10 has been released. It is for sale here
If someone should run accross it please post a note here.