Monday, March 24, 2008

Trip In Tyme Volume 3 23 More Time Traveling US 60's Garage Tracks

I'm not that clever to write reviews of music all of the time. I never know what to say,
yeah this is great. Or, "I came across this stuff, and I think you'll like it too".
I just think posting them is good enough. After all, it's the music you want to hear anyways.
But I can say one things--this series ROCKS! For some reason, I cannot find Volume 2
from this series, either the radio station ate it, or I misplaced it from moving, or ?
When I find it,I'll be sure to post it,cause I love you, dear music fanatics. At least we can
find that geek that lives in all of us.
This compilation features some good ones....and the good things is, not many of these
tracks appear on other comps. These are my favorite tracks...
The Feris Wheel "Woman" (Michigan/1967), The Wyld Vibraysons "One Track Mind" (California /1966),
The Yorkshire Puddin "Ain't Gonna Love You No More", The Innkeepers "Wanted" (New York/1966)
The Skunks "A Girl Like You (unknown cave/1966), and The Kidds with "Straighten Up And Fly Right"
(Mississippi/1966) . Did I mention that this rawks?! I love it when recordings come with more info on the bands,
and tell you the year ,and maybe the state the band is from so you can do more geek research.
Link below.

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