Monday, March 10, 2008

Outside The Law-Gangsters,Racketeers & The Feds Vintage Songs 1922-1947

The last one I have in this series...I'm looking for more,but they are hard to find releases!
This one features: Lonnie Johnson "Racketeer Blues", Bukka White "District Attorney Blues",
Blind Blake "Police Dog Blues", and Peetie Wheatstraw "Police Station. Not all blues songs, but that seems to be the point. There are a few rock 'n roll/rockabilly tracks on here, for you hipsters. Dig The Crack Detective front cover -that must be from the World War 2 era.
18 tracks, wonderful sound! No secret passwords, Stick 'em up here:


nened said...

How WYLD is this blog??!!!! Keep up the awesome work!!

benito X said...
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benito X said...

sorry that got messed up...
what I meant to say was:

Crikey, this stuff looks good!

Any chance of re-upping Outside The Law/Space Guitar/Like An Atom Bomb???

I hope you aren't put off by the deleters... I find with rapidshare if you try to re-up a deleted archive it won't work unless you change the archive by adding something (eg a small text file: - eg.tracklist) to change the size (renaming isn't enough).

Displaying the full filepath in your blog post seems to invite trouble - best to set a link and use to disguise it...

hope that helps

benito X said...

hmmm, sorry for the multiple posts, blogger is scrambling my comments' html links.
It all looks good in the preview but when I hit publish the link gets applied to following text!
Not to worry, the link in my previous comment is to, a free service that masks download links and seems to deter the mindless deleters whose only joy in life is to undermine others' joy...I've been using it for ages, no more deletions!