Monday, April 21, 2008

Books,and fanzines I'm reading...and totally love

I love to read! These are my latest things I carry around in
my trusty back-pack and read,and can't stop reading!
Number 1. There's no other book about Bo Diddley,
that I know is as great as this one! Whatta "Rock God".
Number 2. I got from a good local book store.
Number 3 and 4 Are fabulous fanzines on got from Ebay from a certain
cool person named Kustom-65 who is outtasite! Really wonderful
fanzines about Australian 60's Garage/Beat/ Rock music!
and Number 5. Can be found on any decent newstand or independant
record store with a brain! I could read Ugly Things for days on end.
If I have a book or magaine open--that means go away!


Fusion 45 said...

Hello Mojo:

Thank you for the link; I greatly appreciate it.

I'm currently reading "Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom" by Nik Cohn and "The Da Capo Best of Rock Writing 2000," which was edited by Dan Guaralnick. The Cohn book is interesting because it was written in 1969; his discussion of "classic rock" refers to Little Richard (kind of fascinating to me, given all that has transpired). The Da Capo book has some good essays; the one about Woodstock 1999 is particularly well written. Thanks again for inviting me into your community. Music Junkie at Fusion 45.

garage66 said...

Fusion 45- for sure rock books are a more deeper "into how the music was made",if you love music so much,the music gets even more interesting,the more you read about it.I have a pretty large(and heavy)book collection,and it's made music all the more appealing,once you know some behind the scenes stories OR "folklore" as Frank Zappa would call them.

I'm also reading a book about Buddy Holly,and it's pretty
sad,yet insiteful.It certainly says a lot about Norman Petty and how strange he was! Plus a book on Bubblegum music,and a few others.
There's a terrific book on The Beach Boys called The Nearest Faraway Place By Timothy White,and that's one of thee best rock books around. Even if you don't like the band or don't really dig that music,it's still a great read.
People might appreciate them more
as a band if they read that book.
It chronicles the earliest years of The Beach Boys,and lots of things I didn't know!(besides the studio musicians,their crazy Dad (Murray),and other stuff)...
it's a great read!

The music becomes far more important,after you read the book.(because it wasn't easy to record music for some people)

I'll try to post some other rock books-because they are so cool!
Just to get people to check them out(if anything-you will learn some cool music nerd trivia)
That book on Frank Zappa that came out a few years ago,is also highly recomended,but it's a long ass book.Hard to get through it,but now,I kind of understand him and his music better.
I always say,the more you read, the more interesting a person you are...
If a guy doesn't read or have ANY books,I could never "shag" him...he's too boring!
(this is written by a girl,you freaks!)

slobo said...

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