Monday, April 21, 2008

Little Richard-The Formative Years 1951-1953

You gotta be a little crazy to be in show biz. Because no one will notice
you if you look,act, and sing like everyone else. And sometimes you
have to start your own brand of crazy too.This release features the
earliest known, that I've heard, Little Richard.This would be the earliest
releases from RCA Records from 1951-1952 (recorded in Atlanta, GA.),
then the rest of his "early period" would be on Peacock Records.
A fitting name-Peacock Records! Those were recorded in Houston,Texas.
He's outrageous,showy and one of a kind. What more can you say, so many
people tried to sing like him, and there's just no one like him.Tons of bands
from the 60's covered him, or tried to sing like him. I only wish he's do more
Television ads for other insurance companies.

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jothman said...

tanx for sharing - I'm really looking forward to listening to this.