Friday, April 4, 2008

Revolutionary Rock '66

The Who have always been like,thee coolest mainstream rock band around, and were leaders for quite a while, while a lot of garage bands covered their songs, no one really could do "it" like the Who. I recently replayed The Rolling Stones-Rock And Roll Circus DVD, and felt like The Who really dominated the whole shebang.
I guess that's why The Stones kept that film on the shelves, cause they didn't like anyone else over-powering their party. I mostly love this CD for the secret bonus tracks.
Which are so worthy. I'm all of a garage rock fanatic, but this band inspires so many other bands, it's a shame not to listen to it, and judge it simply as great rock and roll.
Listen to it again with fresh ears,and you will agree.

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Bongo Kojak said...

Thanks, it's nice to hear the original mixes again.
Circles is the best song ever.