Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Crossfires Out Of Control

The Crossfires, for people who don't know it, were a very early
version of The Turtles. This was a bunch a guys who met at
high school, and at small teen clubs. They released a few singles,
as The Crossfires, and mostly played surf in a lot of Los Angeles
clubs, and frat houses, until they met a DJ from the local station.
This local DJ got them some shows, and they had steady work,
and enjoyed a pretty large following of kids, and played anywhere
and everywhere.
On their DVD/Video you can even see them playing in front
of a jewelry store in what appears to be 1963. One week in 1964
they were playing this teen club, and the next weekend
they played they got signed and called themselves the Turtles.
(and the rest is history)
They knew it was time to give up the surf music, and move on
to folk,pop, and rock. The Beatles hit the airwaves,and it was
clearly time to do something else...but in the meantime ,
this release contains everything they did as a surf band.
Only 3 "typical surf band covers" on this release, and the rest
their own craziness.
It's funny stuff, it's wacky, and Out Of Control.

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esmenard.victor said...

Thank you for this good album :)