Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Psychedelic Microdots Volume 3- My Rainbow Life

Volume 3 and sadly the last in this series. 18 more tracks to shake up your head. Unusual to find a couple tracks that are take one and two of The Bougalieu's "Let's Do Wrong" (never comped before). This volume is hodge podge but still a must have: The Choir, The Bare Facts, The Stillroven, The Third Bardo, First Crow To The Moon, The Beatin' Path, The Knight Riders. Several Roulette Records releases, and one release on Autumn Recrods. (and plenty of tracks in mono and stereo) Look at those guys in the Third Bardo! Worth tracking down a copy for the linear notes as well. I always insist if you can find a copy of this, buy it.


benito X said...

excellent stuff...

you might be interested in a little '80s psychedelia gem I've posted at Realm of |X

estilleto said...

Recently heard the first crown to the moon, we walk in the rain, it's very good sound, shakes the brain.

estilleto said...
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