Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Orange, Sugar & Chocolate-Psychedelic Microdots of the Sixties Volume 1

18 Must have tracks of mid sixties garage rock, featuring
The Brogues "I Ain't No Miracle Worker", "Don't Shoot Me Down", 8 Tracks from We The People including:
"You Burn Me Up & Down", "In The Past",
"My Brother, The Man", and "By The Rule", plus The Daybreakers famous "Psychedelic Siren", The Free For All,
Nobody's Children, Southwest FOB and Fenwyck.
Ooh, and don't forget Lindy Blasky & The Levells who I believe were a New Mexico 60's garage band.
Terrific compilation of mid sixties rock that sound like they went back to the master tapes for these! Worthy!

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