Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Rutles- Self Titled Album(1978)

I just listened to this album, and felt, well maybe if people hear it again,
they might feel the same as me.This is an excellant parody album, and
still actually funny! Not a lot of things "hold up" for years as being funny,
but since it's the Beatles they parody, it's still good. It's even catchey-
Just listen to "Goose Step Mama", "Ouch!", "Living In Hope", and
"Doubleback Alley", "Piggy In The Middle" really stupid,
but hey that's what some good music is all about! The film from
this is also pretty funny, there's an extensive "interview" with
Mick Jagger, and I don't know how he keeps a straight face.
Still silly after all these years.


This is Rock'n'Roll said...
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This is Rock'n'Roll said...

I really like this Lp, although it's a joke, it holds up and even surpasses to some actual beat bands.

Didn't know there was a movie, now I gotta find it.

garage66 said...

The "film" is called
"All You Need Is Cash",
and it's a howl! It's a lot like Spinal Tap in some ways.
Very funny,& ridiculous.