Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Texas Twisted- Psychedelic Microdots Of The Sixties Volume 2

Volume 2 focuses on Texas garage and the 13th Floor Elevators, rare recordings, not featured on anything else (up to the time of this release).
Not a complete Texas compilation. There had to be several hundred Texas garage bands working.
This one only features: The Living End, The Menerals, Southwest F.O.B., The Changing Times, and the rest is all 13th Floor Elevators.
Where are all of the other bands from Texas?
I think this series could have gone on, and made at least 20 more volumes, but instead they made 3.
Still, decent live recordings of the 13th Floor Elevators are hard to find, and you hear a wonderful interview with the band 5-25-66 on the
Sump'n Else TV Show,in Dallas, plus 5-9-66 live.
That's worth it!

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