Friday, April 4, 2008

The Who-My Generation with Bonus Tracks

Another Who release that came out at the same time as the other one above this. These are terrific for their bonus tracks, and that's the whole reason I'm offering them here.
If you don't know this already, this was the Who's first album, released in November 1965, produced by Shel Talmy ,who also worked with The Creation, The Kinks,and many others.
Shel had a way of bringing out the real sound animal of all of the bands that he worked with. The drummer certainly is a hurricane all by his own bad self! I think Shel recorded as many tracks as he could live, so you always got the real sound that you'd get when you'd see them live and in person. For the time this was a pretty wild record, only adding to the stiff competition. Which is healthy for the music biz. The approach is: "I'm gonna out-rock your ass", and they do. Now show me another band who does this?

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Andy Rampage said...

This Outta 'Help'!!