Monday, April 21, 2008

The Shaggs- Self Titled Album "Better Than The Beatles" says Frank Zappa

And I think Frank Zappa is correct! Perhaps nothing like it in
recorded history. Again, I really believe you have to have a
sound and look "all your own" to make it in the music industry.
Or at least be "remembered". I say poo-poo to you people
who like well crafted music.You're too snooty to know good music.
Sometimes music should be a "happy accident", be catchy without
knowing it. You'll see what I mean when you listen to this.
If you can get through this record without humming
"My Pal Foot Foot", then you are indeed possibly dead.
I know I'm being ironic here, but give this a try...
It grows on you ( like fungus). Let me just quote the notes inside
the booklet "The girls hadn't been playing very long..." huh? No way!
The recording engineer said " perhaps the girls weren't ready to record".
But Austin Wiggin Jr. their father, felt certain, a true visionary, he was
intent on capturing the moment. The rest is history.


nened said...

I actually think they're not bad! Well... they ARE bad, but still better than anything on the charts in the 1980s. They certainly do have that 60s garage style going on.

germt said...

Fantastic girl group. Many Thanks.