Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Chocolate Watchband- The Best Of...Sounds Fabulous!

Old and out of print doesn't mean "bad" around here.
Yeah sure,a couple of years ago, a terrific import label
put out a double CD release of their best things called:
"Melts in Your Brain...Not On Your Wrist! that's probably
the one you wanna get. If you're super into this band, you
really should get that one! But this one sounds great,and served
as the best one you could get at the time, I still play it, they did
a great job mastering it, and it has a beautiful flow of music to it.
All of the songs go together as if someone at the major label
actually thought about "song placement"on an album.
Don't miss this version though! Great-ness as in :
"Baby Blue", "In The Past", "Sitting There Standing",
"Don't Need Your Lovin", "I Ain't No Miracle Worker".
This snarls! Still one of thee best bands from the 60's
still playing live today. If they EVER play near you,
you are required to go and see them!


Fusion 45 said...

First time visitor to your site...looking forward to being back again soon. I'm digging into 60/70's reggae, pop and 'garage rock,' enjoying a new education on old music. Thanks for this post; next on my listening list as soon as it downloads. Music Junkie at Fusion 45. (PS: I'm adding a link to Mojo Repair Shop to my what you're doing...).

garage66 said...

Thanks-I'll check Fusion 45 out.
We could use more interesting sites around here,so people who blog have something to look forward to as well.We're all fans of music looking for the things our local outlets don't carry.