Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mayhem & Psychosis Volume 1 30 Psycho-Sonic Garage Punk Blasts From 60's

Don't let the pulp cover fool you, these are compilations of pure
sixties garage music grade A prime screamers. A lot of tracks
collected here, and it all sounds pretty good, probably most
likely vinyl sourced singles, and they sound terrific!
Of course a lot of the tracks were comped before,but who
cares,all we want is more music that sounds great!
Who can afford these singles anymore,thank the
"Gods" of garage music-the people who preserve this music,
otherwise we wouldn't know that it even exsisted, because
surely other music that's more popular would shove cool music
like this out. I'm only glad to buy it,collect it, find it,and bring it
here for you loyal fans of real rock and roll.
Features some of my favorite songs: The Dirty Wurds "Why"
is an absolute screamer! Also: The Jelly Bean Bandits
"Generation", The Magic Plants "I'm A Nothin' ",The Cavemen "It's Trash",
The Beatin Path "Original Nothing People",The ID "Boil The Kettle Mother",
And so many more! Watch out it will infect you!
There's two parts, that are separate files.
You put them together yourself.

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