Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Crawdaddys- Here 'Tis- Voxx Roxx!

"You're Gonna Need My Love Someday" is a simple yet great
example of a band that mixes the 60's sound,some blues, some rave up
sounds, and makes a perfect little pop hit. Although it wasn't like a
charted hit, it still sounds like one. It really moves along.
They plunder the 60's vaults very nicely with "She Just Satisfies",
a terrific cover of an obscure Jimmy Page song, from when he
was thee guitar session God of the early to mid 1960's.
There's also a Slim Harpo cover, even a Leiber-Stoller cover.
15 tracks total to groove to! I love it when the bands use the
original master tapes to put these out, and don't try to change
them or alter the way the sound back from the 1980's.
Leave it alone,and let it be what it is!
I nice time capsule of coolness. Dig it!


-valis said...

I'm getting corrupt files for this. Great post, tho'....

garage66 said...

Oh, I didn't know that. I'll re-upload it to rapidshare,and put out a new link as soon as I can.

garage66 said...

I redid the rapidshare link,try this, and tell me if it's okay. Feedback is good-so I know the links are okay!

valis said...

Thanks garage66! (That did it.)

Keep up the great work you do!