Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poison 13- Wine Is Red,Poison Is Blue- Twisted Blues Punk Rock

Out of the ashes of Austin's premier punk band the Big Boys,
came Poison 13. Their recorded output came out in 1984-85
on small independent labels, and this release collects all of the
good stuff on one disc. I never got to see them play live. I was
unlucky, and they did not tour the area I lived in. But I've heard
of their shows as being legendary. Huge events where everyone
in the band pretty much went nuts onstage, and so the audience
would also go nuts. I always loved their songs. Odd covers like
Codine written by Buffy St. Marie, When I Was Young, the
Animals' chestnut, A Troggs cover-Strange Movies, and the best
yet, a cover of The Pleasure Seekers, What A Way To Die.
Even taking stabs at Joy Division, The Sonics, and some older
rockabilly numbers like Love Me. What band can play these
songs and do it well? These guys! Everything sounds a little
damaged too, not perfect, and I like that sound.
This release also features some unreleased things, and for that
reason alone,well worth tracking down. They are part of the
rich history of Austin Texas bands, and even played shows
regularly with Roky Erickson. What a cool trainwreck those
shows must have been. Here's the tracks; it's at least, fun!
1. One Step Closer 2. Seventh Son 3. My Biggest Mistake
4. Spoonful 5. Out On The Streets 6. Big City Lights
7. Die For Me 8. Codine 9. Grip On My Heart 10. Justice
11. When I Was Young 12. Blank Generation
13. Hellbound Train 14. First You Dream,And Then You Die,
15. Strange Movies 16. Can't Cry 17. Parchman Farm
18. She's The One 19. What A Way To Die
20. I'm Dangerous Tonight 21. Love Me 22. Strychnine
23. Warsaw

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germt said...

Increiblemente bueno este disco de rock duro ( Recuerda a veces a los Stooges ).Many Thanks.