Friday, July 11, 2008

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 3 - Gloria Meets 96 Tears

Volume 3 of this series is named after 2 fairly common covers tunes.
These two songs are actually the weakest songs on the compilation.
Guys, it's better to save those cover tunes for your live shows, and
not bother recording them,because usually the original versions
are much much better, and are hard to compete with. I simply
don't want to hear another version of Gloria or 96 Tears.
No one can do 96 Tears like ? And The Mysterions. And I don't
really want to hear another version where the band plumped up
their version by saturating with "More Reverb". No thanks!
But there's plenty of other things on this to get excited about.
Here's the track listing:
The Beefeaters: Don't Hurt Me(this is GREAT!),Change My Mind,
(Also a decent song by itself)
The US Britons: Come On, and I'll Show You A Man,
The Chevelle 5: Come Back Bird, I'm Sorry Girl,
The Debonairs: Lonely Is the Summer(awesome instro that's weird!)
(No this is not the same band that did "Never Mistaken"-I believe)
Yesterday's Children: Love & Things, Gloria,
The Stumblin' Blox: It's Alright (also pretty decent),
The Bonnevilles: 96 Tears (unoriginal!)
The Reymen: Little Latin Lupe Lu, Shop Around,
The Lewallen Brothers: Tough He Was, Only A Dream,
The Sidewinders: Tears From Laughing, Charley Aikens,
The Infinite Pyramid: On A Windowsill.
The Beefeaters are the strongest band on this compilation.
Hell, most bands from Texas really all knew how to rock the
house,there were plenty of other bands to compete with on the
scene.And when you have THAT many other bands vying for the
same stage,and all trying to get signed or open up for the larger rock
bands,you get a healthy dose of local bands that are all competing,
and are one single away from being another great hit band.
Competition is all good, as we get more music because of it.

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