Monday, July 7, 2008

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 1 - 60's Garage Band Rebels

Starting another series of "Things You Need", because you need it if
you don't already have it. So,what's so good about this Mojo?
Well, it has demos, it has clear sounding versions of songs, it does
contain some A-sides and B-sides, it's pretty to look at. The covers
are nice. For me,you really cannot beat those unreleased versions of
ANY garage song. It's like hearing a new version of an old friend.
And that's what made me think this was worthy of posting for you.
Yeah, you might complain (but why,this is free-ish, kinda) and you
already might have these singles, but so what. These sound pretty
good for those lousy CD's. I think Collectables did a GREAT JOB
on these packages, after all, I kept seeing "Garage Compilations"
for years with the same songs on them....Now, we're seeing a lot
more comps with "uncomped" or "for the first time on CD", which
is fine for me, because all I want is more music I haven't heard before.
This series,at the time 1998 was a welcomed sight for my sore eyes.
The liner notes on these are brief, and vague,just like the bands.
They will not tell you the catalog number or the band's original
single label, but they will tell you where the band is from
(and get it right) and tell you when the songs were recorded.
So it's worth tracking these down. The booklets are smaller,
fold out affairs with some information. So this is all good for any
garage music collector. Again, and with wishful thinking I could put
some other songs in that are missing, and make a better set.
There are a few wild clunkers on this series, but each disc has 18 or
so tracks.But not that many clunkers. It's also tilted a bit towards
garage AND psych music. And I'm more of a garage rocker myself
circa '66, and not much into the hippy dippy stuff. Sorry...
that's The Bag I'm in Baby. (No, The Fabs aren't on here)
Here's the tracklist for you fellow garage pack rats:
The Bad Seeds:A Taste Of The Same, I'm A King Bee,
The Zackary Thaks:Won't Come Back, Face To Face (excellant!)
The Illusions: Gloria,Try (I could do without all of the covers)
The Outlaws: Fun,Fame & Fortune (great pounding garage tune),
and Worlds Apart.
The Liberty Bell: Reality Is The Only Answer, Something For Me,
The Nomads:My Little Red Book,Situations,
Micheal: People See IV,My Last Day,
Kubla Khan: Revolution II, Help Yourself,
The Zachary Thaks (again): My Door(unreleased version) and
Green Crystal Ties (unreleased version) Pick And choose what you like,
and throw the rest away, I still think it's a great series.
No complaining allowed! Just small whining is ok.
And yes, all 10 will be posted!


frumious bandersnatch said...

"all 10 will be posted" ! that's really great news ! some are missing in my collection & that's a pretty strong serie. Thanks !!!

germt said...

Fantástica la serie de 10 discos "Green Crystal Ties".Many Thanks!