Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pebbles Trash Box Disc 4 Garage Punk Mayhem!

Goofy Grape colored fun! Here's the track listing for Volume 4:
The Dearly Beloved "Flight 13",
Gonn "Doin' Me In"(the second best garage punk record ever!),
The Quid "Crazy Thing", Satan & The D Men "She'll Lie",
The Haunted "Vapeaur Mauve",
Phil & The Frantics "Till You Get What You Want",
The Grodes "Cry A Little Longer", Bobby Fuller "I Fought The Law",
The Groupies "I'm A Hog For You",
The Debonaires "Never Mistaken", The Oxford Circle "Foolish Woman",
The Edgin Inds "Don't Try To Hide It",
The Bethlehem Exit "Blues Concerning My Girl",The Spades "We Sell Soul",
The Final Solution "So Long Goodbye",
The Orange Wedge "From The Tomb To The Womb",
The Choir "I'm Going Home", The Mile Ends "Bottle Up And Go",
Kit & The Outlaws" Don't Tread On Me", The Omens "Searching",
The Id "The Rake", J.D. Blackfoot "Epitaph For A Head".
All crazy people ahead of their time, doncha think?

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