Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 8 - Stomping Garage Band Legends

The Unrelated Segments photo: five of the geekiest geeks,
making the best garage music ever!
Don't let those JC Penney suits their Moms bought for them
fool you, they can rock!
Now this is the best volume in the series. Why,because it has
The Unrelated Segments on it, AND The Innsmen,
The Outcasts ,The Headstones Carrol's Mood,
these are all classic garage tunes, some have been
comped to death.But I really never get tired of hearing any great
garage track. Do you?
Here we go: (this is how the tracks are listed)
(I just list things the way they are printed to preserve it as it's presented)
The Unrelated Segments : The Story Of My Life,Where You Gonna Go,
The Shandells,Inc.: Say What I Mean, Just Cry,
The Mixed Emotions : Marie, I Lied,
The Innsmen : Things Are Different Now, I Don't Know,
Carrol's Mood : What You're Doing To Me, Out She Goes,
The Outcasts : I'm In Pittsburgh And It's Raining, Route 66,
The Headstones : 24 Hours (Everyday), Bad Day Blues,
The Apollos : Dirty Water, I'm Crying,
The Fronts : Catch A Thief, The Haul.
You know, if you collect the singles,and from other comps,
they have the songs listed incorrectly on this. I guess the people at
Collectables don't read the labels as well. It's really
I'm in Pittsburgh(And It's Raining). The Outcasts shared the same
stage with The 13th Floor Elevators, Peter & Gordon,
Gerry And The Pacemakers (now,Gerry has a pacemaker-ha ha),
and The Rolling Stones....and many others. Mike Post was in
this band,the name might be familiar, he produced the first 3 albums
for the First Edition, and he's the 70's-80's TV theme king; he wrote
the music for many "cop shows" like Law & Order,The Rockford Files,
and Hill Street Blues. That is so, not garage, but it's a job!