Thursday, July 17, 2008

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 10 - 60's Garage Band Flashback

Volume 10, so now you're all set: 18 more tracks:
The Outcasts : Nothing But Love, Something About You,
The Sting Rays : I'm Back In Line, You're The Reason,
The Mad Hatters : Go Fight Alone, A Pebble In My Sand,
The Intruders : Temporary Insanity, The Lone Stranger,
The Comets : The Last Time,
The Englishmen : Summer Is Here, 96 Tears,
The Trees : Do You Think About It Now (Feeling Groovy)
and The Only Life For Me.
The Shades : Gingerbread Man,
George Washington & The Cherry Pickers : The Backshelf Of Your Mind,
Eddie Cunningham & The Lone Rangers : Girl Don't Change Your Mind,
The Marauders : Wipe Out, Lonely Sea.
And there you have it.


Amanda said...

Try Stiffs, Inc - they're a great band from the mid-90s!

Stiffs, Inc

garage66 said...

I'm already on top of that one!
I have their singles,and their CD.
and they're my friends on myspace,because I want to know when they're going to put out some more records.I used to play them on my radio show back in the day.
Quick pop punk sounds,maybe alitle like The Buzzcocks. Thanks for the tip though!

Trustar said...

Thanks for this series '66. Can't have too many ties!



garage66 said...

trustar just wants me to
tie him up! Isn't that right?
mojo repair shop/garage66

Trustar said...

Bad girl!

yahwehfrk said...

Thanks for posting these, I was missing about half of them.