Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pebbles Trash Box Disc 5 -Garage Education 101

Volume 5, and you should have the beginnings the the garage disease. It
would appear somewhat skin blotchy at first, then you get a full break out
in hives,and you start itching for more of this music, and can never get
enough of it. Listen to it, and you'll see what I mean.
Then pretty soon, you'll be buying more garage records,and you could
have bought a house by now,but instead you have a lot of rare garage
records. It happens to all of us.But hey,I'm happy with my garage records.
The house would probably be worthless now in this economy, but the
garage records would be still worth what they are really worth!
That's like early investing in Google stock right? Yeah I think so...
But,I'm only happy to pass this kind of musical disease onto you
kind younger folks. Here's the tracks to Volume 5:
The Tree "No Good Woman", The Gentlemen "It's A Crying Shame",
The 5 Canadians "Writing On The Wall", Satori "Time Machine",
The Leather Boy "Shadows", The William Penn Fyve "Swami"
(the third best garage punk psych record ever),
The Fe Fi Four Plus 2 "I Wanna Come Back",
The Bitter End "Find Somebody To Love", The Satyrs "Yesterday's Hero",
The State Of Mind "Move", Yesterday's Children "Wanna Be With You",
Thursday's Children "You'll Never Be My Girl", and "Air Conditioned Man",
The Tropics "I Want More", The Black & Blues "Come To Me",
The Gants "Smoke Rings", Billy McKnight "You're Doin' Me Wrong",
The Glass Sun "Silence Of The Morning",
The Plastic Blues Band "Gone", The Palace Guards "No Comin' Back",
The Turfits "Losin' One", The Jury "Who Dat?"


imadouchebag said...

Thanks for the Pebbles. I'm sure other folks who first dug into this music in the late 70's early 80's have their gripes about faves left out of the box, mine is "Out Of My Hands" by The Endd. How could they?
Thanks a lot.

voodoorhythm said...

Thanks for these!
greatly appreciated
cant wait to see what is next!

garage66 said...

Yeah,there's a lot of songs left out,simply because maybe not enough Pebbles people knew about the songs at the time they put them out.
I keep finding more new comps with unearthed demos/songs/singles I never heard,and I think I heard it all before. Not so! It's a good thing,otherwise,I'd be bored.
There's bound to be more singles,that never made it to comps,Pebbles was only after Nuggets,and well,the list goes on and on. Like the Back From The Grave series,The Ugly Things series of Australian garage,
Highs In The Mid-60's,Digging For Gold,Hipsville 29 BC,
Garage Beat'66,Sixties Archives,Psychedelic Microdots,Gravel,Teenage Shutdown,
Wyld Canada,Bad Vibrations,Green Crystal Ties...
Gimme More,More,More!

Velvet Swine said...

I love this blog -- Thanks so must for the comps!

I just digitized my copy of the orig. BFD LP, Pebbles Vol 9. Contains the Endds raver "Out Of My Hands". The mp3's sound awesome.

I'd love to give back to the program here. How do I go about posting the set on this blog?

garage66 said...

velvet swine:
posting is easy and typcially complex all at the same time depending on how much you want to do. You should go and download Rapidshare Manager,and that will get you that link for people to
share it.So that's part of the story.The other stuff,is hard drive eating space for CD's,albums,and singles.You have to digitize the music first off,then typcially use Easy CD-DA Extractor to make a folder/file for your stuff.I would make a larger folder just for these type of projects,so as to not confuse what you do,with your other computer projects. Many programs are on the pirate bay,to experiment with the right ones that serve the purpose of making music files. I know everyone has their way of doing things. By simple experience you come up with what works best for you.
It's trial and error,and you should try a lot of things first,so you get a feel for this.
You also need a scanner for the images-pics of the bands,artwork,because I think fans of this site,and many others,like the images.
All I know is the more you do this,the better you get.And the less mistakes I make over time.
It was all trial and error.
If you have more problems,I encourage you to send me your email personally so I can give you some more details. I like to think after all the time it took to learn this,I might not know the exact steps...Step one do this,step two do this,etc. I might have to write this out,for obvious reasons,it's hard to describe the whole process, and forget a step or two.No one told me how to do it fully, and I had to make several mistakes. There's no classes on this.And even with podcasting classes I took,I'm still a little in the it's do it,and the more you do it,the easier it becomes. Repetition, because I'm a simple monkey.
Not very many other bloggers will help you this far,even!
And maybe it's because anything that was hard to learn is hard to give up to others. I guess.

megamuch said...

First at all:Your blog is truly wonderfull,I think I spend some days download your stuff,man,here is Link Wray,Bo Didley,Ike Turner & Little Richard simply the best!!!!

megamuch said...

Please share more Link Wray!!!!!

zebulon said...

Already have this 5cds comp...
Great post indeed
Thanks for sharing