Thursday, July 17, 2008

Storm In The Garage Volume 1 Various Artists- MORE Mid 1960's Rock

Sometimes,you can always tell from the outside what's
on the inside. This series features more of that mid 60's garage
rock that we love so much. What's so cool about this one Mojo?
Um, it's got most of the singles complete, the A sides AND the B sides.
You shouldn't ever overlook the B sides.There's some gems on the B sides,
and you should always flip the record over, to see what it sounds like.
That's where a lot of surprising hits were found, actually.
Back in the 60's, DJ's were allowed to play the B sides, and also
allowed to make up their own minds what to play,and what might be
great song. Now you're being spoon fed your music, unless you actually
go out and buy records, and CD''s, your diet sucks of just radio
friendly hits. Someone else has made up your mind for you what you
should hear. And you should broaden your horizons. Okay, enough
of that. This series has some cool stuff:
1. The Alliance-Somewhere They Can't Find Me
2. The Alliance-(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
3. The Benders- Can't Tame Me
4. The Benders- Got Me Down
5. The Cirkyt- That's The Way Life Is
6. The Cirkyt- Six Page Letter
7. The Doppler Effect- God Is Alive In Argentina
8. The Doppler Effect- Memphis Woman
9. The Intruders- Total Raunch
10. The Intruders- Ruins
11. Lawson & Four More- If You Want Me You Can Find Me
12. Lawson & Four More- Back For More
13. Lime- Soul Kitchen
14. Lime- Love A Go-Go
15. The Marauders- Since I Met you
16. The Marauders- I Don't Know How
17. Thee Saints & The Prince Of Darkness- Hey Girl!
18. Thee Saints & The Prince Of Darkness- Running Away From You
19. The Sirs- Help Me
20. The Sirs- Off In A Day Dream
21. The Soubenders- Hey Joe
22. The Soulbenders- I Can't Believe In Love


frumious bandersnatch said...

Oh thanks ! that's a nice comp, released by Akarma I think. I've had a few volumes long ago at a lower bitrate so that's a nice upgrade.
now don't tell me you're gonna post the whole serie ??!!

garage66 said...

I have the box set of 3 CD's.
That's it,is there more to it that I don't know about? I didn't see any more for sale,unless Arkama released more. Well,that's all I have,frumious.
mojo repair shop/garage66

frumious bandersnatch said...

You're right, Garage66, I checked & there are only 3 cds. Was tired, yesterday. Well, thanks again !

Timmy said...

Thanx for this wonderous compilation. I just adore blatant rock historians that shed the grooves all over the palace!

germt said...

Magnífica compilación en la que destacan Alliance, Benders, Intruders, Lawson & Four, Sirs...y More.
También fantastica la serie "Green Crystal Ties" y una pena la serie "Pebbles Trash" NO download.Please New....Many Thanks por tanta Good Music.