Sunday, July 13, 2008

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 6 - Rarities From The Psychedelic Vaults

Okay if you pick up any volume it's this one. Because rarely does one
get a chance to hear much less own a copy of a 60's demo track.
And this volume contains two. And not just any demo tracks,
but two tracks from The Human Expression. Probably one of thee
best garage bands around, their output was limited only to a handful of
singles,and that's it! So that's rare, and special.
Here's the band and song listings:
The Human Expression : Optical Sound (demo),Calm Me Down(demo),
Sunset Love : Run To The Sun, Reach Out,
The Frantics : Relax Your Mind, Just For A While,
Seompi: Summer's Coming On Heavy, Slide Slide.
The Buzzsaw : Saturn Is Just A Few Days Away, Death Calls,
Watermelon : Popsicle Girl, You Got It,
The Love Flowers : Peace & Love, Nirvana,
The Arkay IV : Demotion, Valley Of Conneaut Creek,
The Morning Dew : Someday, Flying Above Myself.
Again, worthy for just the first two tracks. This volume is
far more psych (circa '67 and later) than it is garage rock
circa '65-'66,so beware of the hippy dippies.

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