Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 7 - Mind Expanding Punk Of The 60's

Ah,Volume 7 Mind Expanding Punk Of The 60's.
I'm not so sure about the mind expanding part, but hey,
here it is, another volume of 6T's garage just for you...At least
you're getting another garage music fix, and I understand that
The band on here that really matters the most is The Tidal Waves!
The band that does Action(Speaks Louder Than Words). This
is one of the highlights on this disc,as well as The Kings Court
track Don't Put Me On, both songs extremely catchy, and,
really move along the lines of garage rock. The song Action,
is like a mini rave up, so give it a listen and a chance.
And they start off this wonderful release with...
The Tidal Waves : Action(Speaks Louder Than Words), Farmer John,
The Tidal Waves(different group): Farmer John, Laugh,
Tony Lane & The Fabulous Spades: Baby, Please Don't Go,
and Baby,What You Want Me To Do.
The Outcasts : Boom Boom Boom, Gloria,
The Basement Wall : We Ain't Got Nothing Yet, Louie Louie,
The Fugitives : You Can't Catch Me, On The Run,
The Lewallen Brothers : Wine,Wine,Wine
The Missing Links :Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying,
The Sting Rays: Eight Days A Week, Baby, If I Loved You,
The Kings Court : In The Midnight Hour, Don't Put Me On.
Another 18 tracks for your pleasure.

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