Saturday, July 19, 2008

Storm In The Garage Volume 2 Various Artists Cavemen!

Volume 2 of Storm In The Garage features 24 tracks of more
primeval garage and psych. Again, the cool thing is, the A side
of the single plus the B side.This is disc 2 of 3 frumious bandersnatch!
Here's the tracks for hipsters only, no squares allowed:
1. The Trolls-Stupid Girl
2. The Trolls-I Don't Recall
3. The Vagrants- Young Blues
4. The Vagrants-I Can't Make A Friend
5. The Fax- I'll Go Crazy
6. The Lost & Founds- If I Needed Someone
7. The Boy Blues- Coming Down (To You)
8. The Boy Blues- Living Child
9. Bush- Got Love If You Want It
10. Bush- Feeling Sad And Lonely
11. The Cardinals- I'm Gonna Tell On You
12. The Cardinals- When You're Away
13. Chessmann Square- Circles
14. David- I'm Not Alone
15. David- Sweet December
16. Disraeli- Spinin' Round
17. Disraeli- What Will The New Day Bring?
18. The Epics- White Collar House
19. The Epics- She Believed In Me
20. The Esquires- Time Don't Mean So Much
21. The Esquires- Summertime
22. The Fabulous Prophets- Gertrude
23. The Fabulous Prophets- Another Girl.
Ooh, gosh I noticed a typo on the original CD. There appears
to be a track 13, then 15. I guess I missed this when I started
getting this ready for the blog. You're guess is as good as mine.
I get 24 tracks on my player,so it appears we have a bonus track
somewhere on this. Weird! Well, let's turn this into something fun.
If you know the track, write me! You'll be helping everyone else out!
And I know everyone will appreciate that. It could be a flip side to
The Fax single, The Lost & Founds or The Chessmann Square.
Have fun!

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rockinlumpy said...

The mystery song is Try by Chesmann Square