Thursday, July 17, 2008

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 9- Psychedelic Garage Bands

The last two volumes here. A nice series, to add to your
collection, 18 more tracks: The first four really are pretty rockin'...
The Lemon Drops : It Happens Everyday, I Live In The Springtime,
The Nuchez : Open Up Your Mind,
The Human Expression : Readin' Your Will, Everynight,
The Kreeg : For Your Love, I'm Over You,
The Morning Dew : Sycamore Dreamer (previously unreleased version)
and Our Last Song (also previously unreleased mix).
The Outcasts : Walk On By,
The Penthouse 5 : It's All My Own Bizarre Dream,
The Deep : Pink Ether, Psychedelic Moon,
The Pagens : Mystic Cloud,
The Lemon : Summer, Lemon Fog,
Smokin' Bananas : Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Wait Wait.

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