Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Screaming Jay Hawkins- Voodoo Jive- No Jive Turkey!

Continuing the series of Screaming Lord Sutch with Screamin' Jay Hawkins,
two slightly over the top performers...
we have one of my favorite releases ever!
This one is the Best Of Screaming Jay Hawkins.What a colorful person!
"Screamin' Jay never really wanted to be a R & B or rock performer!
He really wanted to sing opera, or become a big voiced baritone
in the style of Paul Robeson.
"My first idol, that started me towards show business was
Paul Robeson, in high school, I had the opportunity of study opera,
and opera is what I've been wanting to do all of my life. But being poor
and being black, and you wanna make some money quick, and opera
don't get on the charts that often" recalls Hawkins.
He became a musician and performer of the curious kind!
Had Hawkins wanted to, he also could have been a champion boxer.
At the age of 14 he won the Cleveland Amateur Golden Gloves Diamond
Contest and upon entering the army, he won the
Middleweight Championship of Alaska. He endured such a beating
at the hands of Billy McCann that he quit without defending the title.
Fortunate for me,and many of his fans, he became a music performer.
And the rest is history, but what a history.It doesn't stop there,
it begins there! He has a rich and color past worth investigating,
And I really think it's time someone either wrote a complete book
about him and get Tim Burton to direct the film.
I always thought quietly to myself -wrestling,boxing and being a
musician were really all the same, aren't they? It's all entertainment!
The material on this best of compilation comes from 1956-1969, even
though Screamin' started recording in 1951, "I Put A Spell On You"
became his first big hit and signature song in 1956.There's a huge long
history of Screaming Jay in the liner notes, and I'd rather you found
this disc and read that yourself, because it's freaky and cool!
Or even better do yourself a favor and Google him and
Screaming Lord Sutch and you'll see that they were really cut from the
same cloth! One was inspired by the other-a little known fact!
He's one of a kind, and we'll never have another one like him again!
July 18, 1929- February 12, 2000. But he never really left us, did he?


garage66 said...

No comments from people? You lurkers don't deserve my posts.
Maybe I'll quit doing this,or take a good long break from posting, so you can get your music elsewhere.
It's sad really.I'm not doing this for anything other than liking the music,but some comments from people would be nice once in a while. Instead of just grabbing and going maybe you should add your thoughts.

germt said...

Fantastico este best de Screamin', recordado también por su canción al comienzo de la movie "Extraños en el paraiso" (Jarmuch). Very Thanks.
Un problem el track 4 "I Love Paris" no dowland.

Mary Shelley Overdrive said...

There's some good stuff around these parts ... don't get upset if people don't stop to thank you for your hard work. Most people only think about themselves.

While I'm here, my band has a free EP available for download at Check it out. If you want, feel free to post it here. It might be a good fit.

Here's a direct download link:

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DirtyDave07 said...

i was fortunate enough to see screaming jay perform live twice 20 or so years ago,great artist, awesome showman.thanks for the for the d/load

Velvet Swine said...

Great work here. This is one of the top blogs out there.

I just read a great story on Screamin Jay in CREEM magazine from 1973. This guy has been all but forgotten by the music industry. I'm sure he'd be proud of your efforts.

Walter Clark & Bill Haywood said...

Damn dude, you really got upset because you didn't have people comment. This shit is masturbation. It's about sharing, not getting your funky ass ego stroked.