Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Screaming Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends- Two On One = Fun!

Is it a serious recording or was it a party for the cream of the crop rock
artists of the UK at the time? Both! Anytime you have Keith Moon involved,
it's a A-Bomb explosion. He doesn't do anything halfway. Also featured
on this are Jimmy Page,John Bonham, Jeff Beck, Noel Redding,
Nicky Hopkins, Ritchie Blackmore, and a few more hipsters.
When did they have time to record this? Lord Sutch is a lively character,
from the earliest 60's, who had a pretty face, and got somehow involved
with politics in England,and actually ran for Parliament 3 times.
He was a performer and a musician,with his platform being "Votes At 18",
"Beatles Memorial College" and "Enforced Birth Control". Of course
with so many young people born after World War 2, there's were
plenty of young supporters, and people who wanted to see England
swing a lot more.
"Watching Lord Sutch perform is like watching Arthur Brown,
Jerry Lee Lewis, and James Brown all rolled into one".Imagine that!
What a showman! This release combines 2 classic albums:
Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends (Fiends really)
from 1970, and Hands Of Jack The Ripper from 1972.
This release has 20 tracks, with one terrific long medley of 1950's tunes.
All of these guys loved the 1950's American rock records
and grew up on that, so there's a lot of "Great Balls of Fire",
"Long Tall Sally", "Jenny Jenny" , "Keep A Knockin'",
and "Tutti Frutti" included with some over the top playing.
The unforgettable Screaming Lord Sutch
November 10,1940- June 16,1999.
May he rock the heavens!
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babaluma said...

thanks! i've always wanted to listen to more tracks by lord sutch after listening joe meek compilations. nice one!

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