Friday, July 11, 2008

Green Crystal Ties- Volume 4 - Mind Expanding 60's Psychedelia

Volume 4 says "Mind Expanding 60's Psychedelia". Hmm...
Let me know after you hear it, if your mind was "expanded".
Here's the tracks list:
The Uncalled For: Since You've Been Gone, Master Of War,
The Exotics: Queens Of Shadows, and I Was Alone (the best)
The Outside In :You Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down To My Knees,
Hydro Pyro: Id ,and Hydro Pyro.
The Word D: Keep On Walking (also a great little song),
and You're Gonna Make Me.
Knightsbridge: Make Me Some Love,
(yeah,this one is kind of mind expanding) CJ Smith,
The District 6: She Cried No (also good),
7 and 7 Is (originally by the band Love,yet another cover tune).
The Couriers: I Couldn't Care Less, Just Tell Me,
The Stowaways: What A Shame, It Won't Be Wrong,
and It's Only Love.
If you've never heard Knightsbridge "Make Me Some Love",
you don't know what you're missing here. It's simple,very catchy,
and I think there's something weird in that water!

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