Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ike Turner & His Kings Of Rhythm- Ike's Instrumentals

Wow this release knocks me into next week. I'm always
surprised by a person's solo works, and what they do without
their band, and in this case, Tina Turner. Incredible guitar playing
that had to be heard by Jimi Hendrix and so many others,
because it so technically kicks ass. Enough to launch a thousand
more guitar players (at least). This release probably features
everything Ike did while he was (aka)Icky Renrut, and his singles
for Sue Records, Flair Records, and a medley from an obscure
Crown Records release in 1963. Some of the music is trying to
catch on to trends like the early 60's "twisting trend", but
it still beats a lot of other studio musicians' work from that time.
(roughly the tracks on this release are from 1954-1965)
This guy could play,and it's a shame we only remember him
for only beating up Tina. I know I'm gonna get it for saying that,
and I agree that abuse is an ugly ugly thing...
but ask anyone about Ike Turner, and that's the ONLY thing
that sticks in their heads. Truly a shame!
Cudos for Ace Records for putting this out, so we could hear it!

Hodge Podge And Barrage From Japan Volume 2

Volume 2 features more of the high energy garage punk
"newer bands" The Makers, The Titans, Fireworks,
The Boatrampmen, Jap Kat, Jack O' Fire(flat out "gods"
with Tim Kerr on guitar!) The Golden Balls,
(the unforgettable)The Mortals, Jackie & The Cedrics,
and Santiago Tamura.
Oh and and a special guests: Ron Loney & The Long Shots!
Again, more bands from Japan,that completely stun me into
trying to find their records, and ONLY being able to find
a ton of the 5,6,7,8's, and Jackie and The Cedrics releases.
I wish we could hear more bands from Japan that don't
get much radio airplay or noticed! Because after seeing
several of the "newer garage rock punk" Japanese bands
live (in person) like: Gasoline, The Mad 3, the 5,6,7,8's,
and several more, we are really missing out on some great
rock and roll! More comps from Japan please!

Hodge Podge And Barrage From Japan Volume 1 Various Newish Garage/Punk

21 Tracks From 1+2/Barn Homes Records featuring some pretty
cool "newish garage punk" bands: The bands of note: The Mono Men
(The fabulous) Girl Trouble, The 5,6,7,8's, The Devil Dogs,
The Raunch Hands, Jackie & The Cedrics, Marble Orchard,
The Fastbacks, Jeff Dahl, The Chesterfield Kings,
The Young Fresh Fellows, The American Soul Spiders,
Fifi & The Mach III, The Long Gone Daddy O's,
Mutant Monster Beach Party, The Beyonds, Dog,
did I forget anyone? Yeah, The Cop-Ass Grinders,
The Sleeze Sisters...some of these bands, would be the very
first time I've heard of them, since they released most of their
singles & records in Japan...what a treat,a terrific gathering of
rock and roll, that says it's not just a form a music from the

Monday, April 28, 2008

James Brown Roots of A Revolution 1956-1964

This 2 CD set spans James Brown's output between roughly 1956-1964.
The terrific things about this,are the earliest releases on here from
King Studios in Cincinnati Ohio, which are really cool to hear.
The earlier are his releases billed with The Famous Flames.
There's also some really nice alternate takes on tracks like:
I'll Never Let You Go, You've Got The Power,I Don't Mind,and
(Do The)Mashed Potatoes, and some studio dialogue, that seems
never heard before.Worthy! For people who don't know, this is way
before his funky soul brother "Get Down" period. Here's a guy who
put "everything" into his singing in performing, and recordings, like
each and every song might be his last one.
With all of his high energy singing and vocal work outs, there's every
reason he was called "The Godfather of Soul", listen and see what
I mean.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Books,and fanzines I'm reading...and totally love

I love to read! These are my latest things I carry around in
my trusty back-pack and read,and can't stop reading!
Number 1. There's no other book about Bo Diddley,
that I know is as great as this one! Whatta "Rock God".
Number 2. I got from a good local book store.
Number 3 and 4 Are fabulous fanzines on got from Ebay from a certain
cool person named Kustom-65 who is outtasite! Really wonderful
fanzines about Australian 60's Garage/Beat/ Rock music!
and Number 5. Can be found on any decent newstand or independant
record store with a brain! I could read Ugly Things for days on end.
If I have a book or magaine open--that means go away!

The Shaggs- Self Titled Album "Better Than The Beatles" says Frank Zappa

And I think Frank Zappa is correct! Perhaps nothing like it in
recorded history. Again, I really believe you have to have a
sound and look "all your own" to make it in the music industry.
Or at least be "remembered". I say poo-poo to you people
who like well crafted music.You're too snooty to know good music.
Sometimes music should be a "happy accident", be catchy without
knowing it. You'll see what I mean when you listen to this.
If you can get through this record without humming
"My Pal Foot Foot", then you are indeed possibly dead.
I know I'm being ironic here, but give this a try...
It grows on you ( like fungus). Let me just quote the notes inside
the booklet "The girls hadn't been playing very long..." huh? No way!
The recording engineer said " perhaps the girls weren't ready to record".
But Austin Wiggin Jr. their father, felt certain, a true visionary, he was
intent on capturing the moment. The rest is history.

Little Richard-The Fabulous Little Richard (1959) From The Original Master Tapes

I'm a crazy man,and this is my last crazy record before I go
all religious on you! From 1959, and he still has one good record
in him, and this is it. Features: Shake A Hand,Chicken Little Baby,
All Night Long,The Most I Can Offer, Lonesome And Blue,
Wonderin', She Knows How To Rock, Kansas City,
Directly From My Heart, Maybe I'm Right, Early One Morning,
I'm Just A Lonely Guy, Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On.
For your listening pleasure!

Little Richard- Volume 2 1958 (Original Master Tapes)

Setting the bar for "crazy", This is the second release from
Little Richard simply titled Volume 2. Features: Keep A Knockin',
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon, Send Me Some Lovin',
Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo(I'll Never Let You Go), Heeby Jeebies,
All Around The World, Good Golly, Miss Molly, Baby Face,
Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey, Ooh! My Soul!, The Girl Can't Help It,
Lucille.This is more punk than punk rock!
Entertaining and wild wild wild for 1958.

Little Richard- His 3 Original Specialty Albums on 3 CD's 1957-1959 Here's Little Richard (1957)

Tutti Frutti to be sure, this is Little Richard first full length release from 1957.
There's nothing like him,12 outrageous tracks of pure rock and roll energy.
All from the original master tapes. Tutti Frutti, True.Fine Mama, Can't Believe
You Wanna Leave, Ready Teddy, Baby, Slippin' and Slidin'
Long Tall Sally, Miss Ann, Oh Why? , Rip It Up, Jenny Jenny, She's Got It.
Essential listening!

Little Richard-The Formative Years 1951-1953

You gotta be a little crazy to be in show biz. Because no one will notice
you if you look,act, and sing like everyone else. And sometimes you
have to start your own brand of crazy too.This release features the
earliest known, that I've heard, Little Richard.This would be the earliest
releases from RCA Records from 1951-1952 (recorded in Atlanta, GA.),
then the rest of his "early period" would be on Peacock Records.
A fitting name-Peacock Records! Those were recorded in Houston,Texas.
He's outrageous,showy and one of a kind. What more can you say, so many
people tried to sing like him, and there's just no one like him.Tons of bands
from the 60's covered him, or tried to sing like him. I only wish he's do more
Television ads for other insurance companies.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Chocolate Watchband- The Best Of...Sounds Fabulous!

Old and out of print doesn't mean "bad" around here.
Yeah sure,a couple of years ago, a terrific import label
put out a double CD release of their best things called:
"Melts in Your Brain...Not On Your Wrist! that's probably
the one you wanna get. If you're super into this band, you
really should get that one! But this one sounds great,and served
as the best one you could get at the time, I still play it, they did
a great job mastering it, and it has a beautiful flow of music to it.
All of the songs go together as if someone at the major label
actually thought about "song placement"on an album.
Don't miss this version though! Great-ness as in :
"Baby Blue", "In The Past", "Sitting There Standing",
"Don't Need Your Lovin", "I Ain't No Miracle Worker".
This snarls! Still one of thee best bands from the 60's
still playing live today. If they EVER play near you,
you are required to go and see them!

The Rutles- Self Titled Album(1978)

I just listened to this album, and felt, well maybe if people hear it again,
they might feel the same as me.This is an excellant parody album, and
still actually funny! Not a lot of things "hold up" for years as being funny,
but since it's the Beatles they parody, it's still good. It's even catchey-
Just listen to "Goose Step Mama", "Ouch!", "Living In Hope", and
"Doubleback Alley", "Piggy In The Middle" really stupid,
but hey that's what some good music is all about! The film from
this is also pretty funny, there's an extensive "interview" with
Mick Jagger, and I don't know how he keeps a straight face.
Still silly after all these years.

The Standells- The Best Of ...Sounds Fabulous!

I've never been a fan of "Best Of" compilations, but this one holds
on for being the best sounding release ever."Best Of" compilations,
usually are short, and contain the hits. And leave the precious album
tracks out that probably are much more interesting to me, at least.
But if you don't have this to sample,now you do. My favorite tracks
being the typical hits, but I really love the hard hitting
"All Fall Down", "Rari", "Medication", "Black Hearted Woman",
and "Mr. Nobody". Tell me after you hear "All Fall Down" how
much that song, really sticks to the roof
of your brain! "Try It" here below...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mayhem & Psychosis Volume 2 - 30 MORE Psycho-Sonic Garage-Punk Blasts From The 60's

The second and final volume of this series.(That I know of) Yet another
fine sounding compilation, short on information, but strong on music.
If you're into this music, it won't bother you much. You know this is a great
series of music,and it features: The Purple Underground "Count Back",
Rain "ESP", The Deepest Blue "Pretty Little Thing", The Backdoor Men "Evil"
The Fanatics "I Can't Believe", The Humane Society "Knock Knock"
The Trespassers "Living Memories", and many more.
There's some songs not found on a lot of other comps,
so fill in your collection, my friends....
Two parts, that are separate, and then you put them together and rock out!

Mayhem & Psychosis Volume 1 30 Psycho-Sonic Garage Punk Blasts From 60's

Don't let the pulp cover fool you, these are compilations of pure
sixties garage music grade A prime screamers. A lot of tracks
collected here, and it all sounds pretty good, probably most
likely vinyl sourced singles, and they sound terrific!
Of course a lot of the tracks were comped before,but who
cares,all we want is more music that sounds great!
Who can afford these singles anymore,thank the
"Gods" of garage music-the people who preserve this music,
otherwise we wouldn't know that it even exsisted, because
surely other music that's more popular would shove cool music
like this out. I'm only glad to buy it,collect it, find it,and bring it
here for you loyal fans of real rock and roll.
Features some of my favorite songs: The Dirty Wurds "Why"
is an absolute screamer! Also: The Jelly Bean Bandits
"Generation", The Magic Plants "I'm A Nothin' ",The Cavemen "It's Trash",
The Beatin Path "Original Nothing People",The ID "Boil The Kettle Mother",
And so many more! Watch out it will infect you!
There's two parts, that are separate files.
You put them together yourself.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Copulatin' Blues 22 Dirty Blues from 1929-1947

Doesn't relate to any of the other things I posted below, just another
outing of unusual blues records of the same nature of one of my previous
posts "Eat To The Beat". All super rare tracks features:
Victoria Spivey & Red Allen's Orchestra
"How Do They Do It That Way", Oscar's Chicago Swingers
"New Rubbin' On That Darn Old Thing", Tampa Red's Hokum Jazz Band
"My Daddy Rocks Me With One Steady Roll",
and Georgia White's "If I Can't Sell It,I'll Keep Sittin' On It" is a scream!
Another history lesson for you kids that don't know the term
rock and roll really came into use in 1929! Crazy man, crazy!

The Crossfires Out Of Control

The Crossfires, for people who don't know it, were a very early
version of The Turtles. This was a bunch a guys who met at
high school, and at small teen clubs. They released a few singles,
as The Crossfires, and mostly played surf in a lot of Los Angeles
clubs, and frat houses, until they met a DJ from the local station.
This local DJ got them some shows, and they had steady work,
and enjoyed a pretty large following of kids, and played anywhere
and everywhere.
On their DVD/Video you can even see them playing in front
of a jewelry store in what appears to be 1963. One week in 1964
they were playing this teen club, and the next weekend
they played they got signed and called themselves the Turtles.
(and the rest is history)
They knew it was time to give up the surf music, and move on
to folk,pop, and rock. The Beatles hit the airwaves,and it was
clearly time to do something else...but in the meantime ,
this release contains everything they did as a surf band.
Only 3 "typical surf band covers" on this release, and the rest
their own craziness.
It's funny stuff, it's wacky, and Out Of Control.

Randy Holden Early Works 1964-1966 The Fender IV and The Sons Of Adam

Really rare set of tunes here, featuring the guitarist Randy Holden and the
earliest bands he was in; The Fender IV (the surf period) and the
Sons Of Adam (the garage period). This was released on the Japanese label
Captain Trip, and includes all Decca released Songs of Adam singles.
Also includes the Imperial singles,and a very rare(unknown) acetate.
A great guitarist.My obvious faves are:
The Sons Of Adam doing a Tommy Boyce/Nic Venet tune called
"Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day", and The Fender IV's version of "Mar Gaya",
the classic surf tune. Influential music for all garage fans!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Eat To The Beat-The Dirtiest Of Them Dirty Blues

I got a thing about old dirty blues songs that say one thing, and then say another, all within one song.
You could take the songs any which way you'd like.I'm always surprised the censors didn't mess with this
music,and not allow it to be released.But that was a different time, and maybe they were just plain stupid,
and didn't bother with that "type of music".
They called it "race records" or whatever other crude names for it. I'm just glad it's all collected here for us to enjoy. Cudos to Bear Family Records for compiling such an excellent package, large thick book, and fine sounding music from (mostly) 78's. How does one find decent copies of this anymore, and how much would they cost? Don't bother, buy this package. It's worth it, with the cool pictures and race-y lyrics, printed so you can sing along to it! This is the shit! Features: Dinah Washington "Long John Blues", The Treneirs' "Poon-Tang!"
Tom Archia with Pete Brown's Brooklyn Blue Blowers "Fishin' Pole",
Dave Bartholomew & His Orchestra "My Ding-A-Ling",
Screamin' Jay Hawkins "Bite It", Jackie Wilson and LaVern Baker "Think Twice (Version X) ,all, for your next Saturday night party.
Two parts that are separate links-you put them together yourself .

The Who-My Generation with Bonus Tracks

Another Who release that came out at the same time as the other one above this. These are terrific for their bonus tracks, and that's the whole reason I'm offering them here.
If you don't know this already, this was the Who's first album, released in November 1965, produced by Shel Talmy ,who also worked with The Creation, The Kinks,and many others.
Shel had a way of bringing out the real sound animal of all of the bands that he worked with. The drummer certainly is a hurricane all by his own bad self! I think Shel recorded as many tracks as he could live, so you always got the real sound that you'd get when you'd see them live and in person. For the time this was a pretty wild record, only adding to the stiff competition. Which is healthy for the music biz. The approach is: "I'm gonna out-rock your ass", and they do. Now show me another band who does this?

Revolutionary Rock '66

The Who have always been like,thee coolest mainstream rock band around, and were leaders for quite a while, while a lot of garage bands covered their songs, no one really could do "it" like the Who. I recently replayed The Rolling Stones-Rock And Roll Circus DVD, and felt like The Who really dominated the whole shebang.
I guess that's why The Stones kept that film on the shelves, cause they didn't like anyone else over-powering their party. I mostly love this CD for the secret bonus tracks.
Which are so worthy. I'm all of a garage rock fanatic, but this band inspires so many other bands, it's a shame not to listen to it, and judge it simply as great rock and roll.
Listen to it again with fresh ears,and you will agree.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Psychedelic Microdots Volume 3- My Rainbow Life

Volume 3 and sadly the last in this series. 18 more tracks to shake up your head. Unusual to find a couple tracks that are take one and two of The Bougalieu's "Let's Do Wrong" (never comped before). This volume is hodge podge but still a must have: The Choir, The Bare Facts, The Stillroven, The Third Bardo, First Crow To The Moon, The Beatin' Path, The Knight Riders. Several Roulette Records releases, and one release on Autumn Recrods. (and plenty of tracks in mono and stereo) Look at those guys in the Third Bardo! Worth tracking down a copy for the linear notes as well. I always insist if you can find a copy of this, buy it.

Texas Twisted- Psychedelic Microdots Of The Sixties Volume 2

Volume 2 focuses on Texas garage and the 13th Floor Elevators, rare recordings, not featured on anything else (up to the time of this release).
Not a complete Texas compilation. There had to be several hundred Texas garage bands working.
This one only features: The Living End, The Menerals, Southwest F.O.B., The Changing Times, and the rest is all 13th Floor Elevators.
Where are all of the other bands from Texas?
I think this series could have gone on, and made at least 20 more volumes, but instead they made 3.
Still, decent live recordings of the 13th Floor Elevators are hard to find, and you hear a wonderful interview with the band 5-25-66 on the
Sump'n Else TV Show,in Dallas, plus 5-9-66 live.
That's worth it!

Orange, Sugar & Chocolate-Psychedelic Microdots of the Sixties Volume 1

18 Must have tracks of mid sixties garage rock, featuring
The Brogues "I Ain't No Miracle Worker", "Don't Shoot Me Down", 8 Tracks from We The People including:
"You Burn Me Up & Down", "In The Past",
"My Brother, The Man", and "By The Rule", plus The Daybreakers famous "Psychedelic Siren", The Free For All,
Nobody's Children, Southwest FOB and Fenwyck.
Ooh, and don't forget Lindy Blasky & The Levells who I believe were a New Mexico 60's garage band.
Terrific compilation of mid sixties rock that sound like they went back to the master tapes for these! Worthy!