Saturday, January 24, 2009

Buffalo Bop - Rough Stuff - Pinch Me Quick

"I gotta switchblade and I'm gonna cut you".The cover looks
menacing,but the
music inside follows no theme other than more
highly charged 50's rockabilly rock, by the original artists and released
on small independent labels.That's how a lot of great songs come from.
From people who believe in them well enough they take it upon themselves
and record and produce it themselves.Either the record company doesn't
believe in what they're doing,or the bands are making this music in their
basements and garages in obscurity,and have no need for those record
labels.After all, if you read about bands,and artists especially in the
1950's, the labels were the power = the owners.
And all these talented musicians would get virtually a penny per sale
of their recordings. These bands are not well known, so they sank
into obscurity, and became "collectibles". Buffalo Bop is the
company that doesn't want you to forget these bands,and makes the
music come alive again.The wonderful thing is, you hear the single as it
came off the vinyl, with no foolish noise reduction, which strips the
sound of the recording of it's nuances, and raw beauty, it's charm
and appeal. Again, another compilation with no theme, is just more
rare rockabilly in my book. The highlighted tracks are: Pink Shoes,
Teenage Baby, Ready To Go Steady,
Tuff-E-Nuff Baby, Fluffy Dog, Study Hall Blues, Grandpa's Rock,
Stompin' To The Beat, Pinch Me Quick, and My Little Jewel.
Get it while you can in the comments and remember kids,
switchblades are illegal in several states, but they make fine
finger nail cleaners.

Buffalo Bop - Rock-A-Billy Party - Married Life Blues

The cover of Rockabilly Party looks more like a hillbilly strip
club scene,
a bad scene from Deliverance or something of that nature.
One of those fellows has a Molotov cocktail in the back round,okay.
I'm confused. But the music inside is all pure original
1950's rockabilly
various artists and it's a good one.
It's a theme of miscellaneous songs
and themes:
Little Red Caboose, Lonesome Old Jail, Waitin' For A Train,
Bubble Gum Boogie, I'm Being Haunted,
Way Up Alaska Way,
Sleepy Time Blues,
Rockin' Through The Tunnel Of Love, Have Myself
A Ball, All Messed Up and
Married Life Blues.Something I'm sure
many of us can
all relate to..Look for the links in the comments sections.

Buffalo Bop - Wa-Chic-Ka-Nocka - Chief Whoopin' Koff

Yeah you can tell by the cover what's going on here. I don't know
how many songs you can sing about North American Indians,
but this compilation has probably the most ridiculous amount of goofy
tunes I ever heard. This one is by request,by the way. So thanks for
that, I always read the comments sections,and keep that in mind when
I look for more things to post here. But so far I'm sticking to the
rockabilly music compilations,until I run out. Why? I was hoping to
convert more people to this brand of 50's rock and roll. It's fun!
The tracks that will absolutely drive you to crash your pick up
truck and drink beer,here are these fabulous songs: (just kidding)
Cowboys and Indians, War Paint, Massacre, Bobby Sox Squaw,
Wig Wam Willie, Indian Joe, Warrior Sam, Little Brave,
Geronimo, Cherokee Rock, Tomahawk, Medicine Man,
and Little Bull & Buttercup. What a scream!
Link in the comments Chief Sitting Bull.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009