Saturday, August 30, 2008

Angel Dust-Music For Movie Bikers-Cycle-Delic!

Savage Pencil Presents: Angel Dust! Music For Movie Bikers.Cool
all the way around, it's music from soundtracks of that period from
1968-1972 or so, and features the leading fuzz instrumentals from
Davie Allan & The Arrows, East West Pipeline, Harley Hatcher,
The Hogs, Paul Wibler,The Poor and Stu Phillips. I transferred this
from vinyl to CD, so you can all rev your engines to this.
This weekend is the celebration of Harley Davidson's 105th
Anniversary so, that's why I featured this here for you. It's better than
hearing the same old "biker tune" "Born To Be Wild"...which is so worn
out! My favorite tune has to be Paul Wibler "Satan (Theme)",which
must be one of thee most twisted strange little songs I know of.
I didn't make any repairs to the vinyl, or try to "restore" the sound.
So you get it naked, and no sound loss. I think I heard one or two
small pops or clicks, so deal with it. I wanted to keep the integrity
of the sound, because surprisingly, whenever your transfer your vinyl
to CD, it really sounds wonderful. A. You get to hear it again,
B. digitizing it, makes it more portable,ipod-able, and easier to play
more often than not. (my vinyl collection is in excellent shape because
I'm too lazy to throw on a record, where a CD is often slapped on the
player and played more often. I'd like to see this album re-issued with
bonus tracks, and I'll be right in line buying it again. Just make sure
you keep the awesome cover artwork, and insides the same.
I expect to see bikers this weekend from all over the world, flags a
flying from everyone who loves Harley Davidson motorcycles...
all leathery,dirty,sweaty, ratty long hair, crusty, with supremely
noisey motorcycles revving their way back home to Milwaukee,
where they were originally born! This is a pretty amazing sight,
they're expecting well over 250,000 motorcycles,and then some.
Here's the soundtrack to it...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Psychedelic Sixties Music French EP Collection-OR simply,lovingly known as "The Vogue Singles"

The Vogue French singles were the most highly prized and collectible
1960's picture sleeves, and Magic Records did me a huge favor by
reproducing these exactly as they would have been seen in the
mid-60's. I'm a picture sleeve collector AND and 60's music collector.
How can you not love the bands' pictures on the front AND the music.
It's like a sugar coated cereal for diabetics.I love the look of these
pic sleeves,cause they say it all. 60's PUNK! Yeah baby!
While there's nothing new musically if you're a typical 60's music
collector,(you should already own this music stuff or you're an idiot
anyways) the little CD singles of happiness sound fabulous, and
feature 3-4 tracks per sleeve.And I count 14 sleeves, with some great
"B-sides" They also sound like nothing else-it says on the back of the
box set that they are remastered in High Definition 24-Bit.
Yeah,they really do sound different, and I must always say that most
60's singles were produced in MONO and do generally sound better
that way!
If you didn't know it,and need to be reminded, MOST 60's singles
came out originally in the MONO form,because they were geared for
the teenage lima bean market of AM radio top 40 charts,and they
have a terrific sound all of their own.When played on your 1960's car
radio with one measly speaker, those singles sounded like a symphony.
They sound better than your current CD's and vinyl and have a nice
3D feel to them. So,vinyl purists, you can still have your sound,
and quality, and eat your cake too.
I just don't know, the idea of playing only 3-4 tracks on one CD,and
then having to change the disc,is sorta stupid, but, that's the way these
singles came out originally,in France.And they're keeping that artistic
look of them nicely, they even reproduced the single's paper sleeve
centers on the printing directly on the discs! Talk about fans!
These guys are as crazy as I am, I would have done the same thing!
Make it look exactly like it did in the mid-60's, and make it sound the
same too. Bravo!
I couldn't afford these original singles,whenever I saw one, and
whenever I saw a picture of one,I drooled. So, I included scans of
each and every single,because they are pretty little jewels.
What can be said about the bands that already hasn't been said before?
I can't add anything, and besides, I'm lazy.The music speaks for itself
well enough. Some of the music is more ground breaking for the time,
and some of it is clever pop music, that's slightly better than most.
(the Electric Prunes,We The People and the like are far more
ground-breaking than say the silly Kasenetz-Katz Music Explosion
bubblegum sticky sweet pop) But still even THAT kind of music has
it's place in my black garage punk heart.
I'm not crazy about Western Union Man By The Five Americans, but
hearing it again, on these discs, actually makes it sound like fun again!
The sound is luscious, thick, and as gorgeous as a freshly popped open
original copy of the 13th Floor Elevators album right from that era.
Even you die hard vinyl purist collector scum will want to hear this.
It would be nice if you liked this stuff, and made a comment. I always
like reading your opinions and thoughts, and just knowing you appreciate
my efforts bringing you this music,it makes my little heart go pitter,patter.
Who's on this? The Electric Prunes, We The People, The Seeds,
The 13th Floor Elevators, The Music Explosion, The Five Americans,
The Syn, The Shadows Of Knight, The Count 5 and The Shakepeares.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Kinks-In Koncert-Killer Live 1970 Fine Quality

This is disc 3 and the final one of the series-The Kinks In Koncert.
What can I say about it? This is live November 21st,1970 at Pierce
College Woodland Hills, California. On their college touring days,
trying to pick up steam and find their old fans again.
The Kinks are mature sounding,and playing their best songs ever!
The sound is great, and this is also the year they came back to the
United States after being blacklisted several years for some small
infraction years ago,(touring the USA)some disagreement, that cost
them so much in sales, and income, and lost popularity.The details
are so strange and sketchy,it never made any sense to me either.
After reading Ray's biography, and two other Kinks' books:
The Kinks-The Official Biography By Jon Savage,and the recent
The Kinks- All Day And All Of The Night By Doug Hinman, I still
think it's confusing. But I can recommend reading all of those books.
Especially the recent one by Doug Hinman,because it lists a
complete day-by-day concerts,recordings, and broadcasts 1961-1996.
And boy is it interesting.Talk about a hard working band! They never
took a day off, and their schedule was relentless. I don't know how
they were able to write and record songs,even! Well, here's an
incredible show from 1970, and it is glorious. All hail The Kinks!

The Kinks-Kinky Beebs-More Fabulous Killer Kinks

Here's disc 2 of this series,which is all BBC Tracks, that never seemed
to be released, for whatever reason, probably the sound quality, as
the BBC never seemed to keep these tracks around,and actually taped
over a lot of these special radio shows! What?! I don't know, I guess
they thought that this was a passing phase,and it wouldn't last, and besides,
it was "just that pop music" and who would think this many years later
people still really love this music? Well, I suppose it's just like the same
people at Decca Records,who passed on the Beatles, and are kicking
themselves to this day.That they ended up signing the Rolling Stones, and
would never ever make that same mistake again. Now, I'll bet the BBC
saves everything like those crazy people who hoard things,and can't even
walk through their homes anymore.Well, I'm getting off track here...
The BBC should be spanked hard and I'd like to be the first one to do it!
Anyways,this disc will do, and fill in my Kinky pleasures. It features Kinks
tracks from 1963 to 1972. And the best version of "Animal Farm"
(from The Village Green era) Kool!

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Crusaders-Fat,Drunk And Stupid-Aussie Crackpots

Yeah I think someone posted some Crusaders on their blog site
recently, but they didn't post this one from 1996.This is fair game.
So let's add this one too,because YES I think this is a great band who is
shame-fully unknown! They're from Australia, and play a mixture of
surf,garage,and punk music. And yeah they play wearing these awful
costumes,and they look like "Crusaders" Get it? They're a rough and
tumble bunch, a lot like the Mummies, but without the funny smell!
They drink a lot, and have more fun than we do!
They're probably still playing in Australia right now.But I haven't
seen any of their releases lately, and have to wonder if they
broke up. (?) It would be a shame as well, they released some fine
music on Dionysus Records,and Larsen Records(France) and a
few singles on other small labels. They did tour the United States in
1998 (I think that was the year I saw them play)
(It's kinda blurry to me)and they never came back since
(that I know of). So the best I can do for you is at least make this
available to you to hear. I love them,once I heard the single
"Yeah Yeah" on Dionysus, I couldn't help but love them, and buy
all of their records! Please do the same!

1.She's My Woman 2.Sea Of Sound 3.One Eyed Bikini Monster
4.I Dig Your Holes 5.The Freak 6.So Pretty 7.Fisherman's Basket
8.Hot Rod Baby 9.Flippin' Out 10.Wave To The Grave 11.Sabrina
12.Waiting For The Day 13.Silver Sands.

The Mummies-Never Been Caught-Flat One Dimensional Mono Mummies

What can be said about them, that the Mummies already haven't said
about themselves? Ha ha! They are wacky,wild, and unfortunately
broken up. This band is a great yardstick for your band. Get wild, go
crazy, and play in smelly mummy bandages. Maybe not the last part.
But certainly let it all hang out, and play like it was your last show ever.
What have you got to lose? Their shows are now legendary, and I only
wish you could look through my eyes, and have seen this band play!
What a tornado of flying keyboards,guitars, and bandages. Almost like
a cartoon Never a dull moment, and good music too?
Wow! At some point you could check You Tube and do a search,
and maybe some lively person might have uploaded one of those now
legendary live show clips,and you might get a feel for how they were.
Chaos! If you want pretty music, then get your assigned seat at some
large venue, for $150.00,in the nosebleed section, or sit up front with this
band for $6.00 (plus two other great bands) and if you're not afraid to
get a little dirty from the flying debris, you'll have a much better time at
a small club show with bands like the Mummies and their friends,
and have something really to remember the rest of your stupid life!
You haven't lived until you hear this:
1.Your Ass(Is Next In Line) 2.Stronger Than Dirt
3.Little Miss Tee-N-T 4.Come On Up
5.Sooprise Package For Mr. Mineo 6.Rosie 7.Shot Down
8.The Ballad Of Iron Eyes Cody 9.Skinny Minnie
10.She Lied 11.The Red Cobra #9 12.The Frisko Freeze
13.Justine 14.Mariconda's A Friend Of Mine 15.The Thing From Venus
16.Shut Yer Mouth 17.Jezebel BONUS TRACKS:
18.(You Must Fight To Live)On The Planet Of The Apes
19.Whitecaps 20.I'm Down 21.Your Love 22.Uncle Willie.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Finks-Fill'er Up And Go! -Surf Finks Unite!

The smell of waves crashing. The swell of sweat-drenched cardigans draped
casually over the tops of superheated amplifiers...Girls, beer, mystery, and
madness-all here in the high-octane sound of The Finks. So what are you
waiting for? Here's the key, rev-up the turntable, and take an unforgettable
"spin" with the Finks today!Well, that sounds like fun, except the part about
putting your cardigan on the top of your amp. Now, we're shorting out amps,
and starting fires. That wasn't the fun part, they were talking about. The
whole band wears cardigans in the inside photos.I'm glad they got rid of that
look.They eventually turned into the Bomboras,and then, morphed into
The Lords Of Altamont. And gosh, gee, they are all swell bands!
I count myself lucky, for the fabulous Bomboras let me hear some
"unreleased" tracks from their finest tour van tape recordings called
"Dining Across America", I heard thee most God-awful fart sounds!
I told them to release them right away (now they'll know who I am).
Anyways, this is more surf,instrumental garage fun...and also best heard
in your next pool party! Here's the stuff:
1.Haunted Fink 2.Similau 3.The Nomad 4. Latin'ia 5.Hang On
6. 12 Miles To Babylon 7.Hava Nagila 8.The Eliminator
9.Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 10.Cecilia Ann 11.Steel Pier
12.Road Kill 13.Lucha Libre 14.Squad Car 15.Creeper
16. Out Of Control 17.Moment Of Truth 18.The Crusher

Satan's Pilgrims- Soul Pilgrim- Shit Sandwich!

Shit Sandwich just happens to be my favorite song on here...It's Sweet,
Sultry and Swinging! Again, this is more surf instrumentals of the highest
quality! This release is on Estrus Records,and also worth tracking down.
My little sticker from this album says: "Also includes the following
hits missing from the menu: Backyard Compost, and Haunted House
Of Rock '95".(I don't want to miss a thing! And now,you won't either)
Here's the tracks surf boy:
1. Soul Pilgrim 2. Steel Peer 3. Plymouth Rock 4. Scatter Shield
5. Morpheus 6. Spoke 7. Shit Sandwich 8. Pilgrim Stomp
9. Beach Creep 10. Action Plus 11. Small Craft Advisory
12. Shootin' The Pier 13. Let's Go To The Beach.
You must go to Trustar Vibrations blogspot and seek more fabulous
surf instrumentals! The link is on my page of "Hipsters".

Satan's Pilgrims- At Home With...Satan's Pilgrims- Do The Turkey Trot

A mixture of instrumentals and surf music.One of my favorite bands
from the fabulous great Northwest! Now,I know that Trustar Vibrations
beat me to posting some Satan's Pilgrims.But at least this is different.
This would be their first release on Empty records,and well worth
tracking down. They have other releases on Estrus records too.
I collected everything from this band, because they're very easy to like.
Here's the tracks, give it a listen or two...easy to become addicted to,
and great for your next pool party.
1. Que Honda? 2. Turkey Trot 3. Movin' 4. Surf Lyre 5. Mr. Moto
6. Peter Lorre 7. Petty-43 8. Squad Car 9. Music To Watch Girls By
10. El Rey! 11. Burnin' Rubber 12. Sno-Dad 13. John's Moods
14. The Lonely Pilgrim 15. Satan's Theme