Friday, June 26, 2009

The Seeds - Flower Punk 3 Disc Box Set Sky "Sunlight" Saxon RIP

I fear people aren't going to remember Sky Saxon,so maybe
if I post some of his music this will remind how cool The Seeds were.
This is a 3 disc set, that came out in 1996, and was pretty much the
ultimate set you could find. Disc 1 and 2 feature all of the great studio
music you'd expect: Can't Seem To Make You Mine,No Escape,the
wonderful Evil Hoodoo, Pushin' Too Hard, Try To Understand,
Excuse,Excuse, Mr. Farmer, Nobody Spoil My Fun,
Rollin' Machine, Out Of The Question, and many many more.
Disc 3 will start out with 11 recorded live tracks which
does not say what year,but sound vintage 1960's to me.The rest of
Disc 3 have the later period 60's material that never quite had
the same impact as the "Pushin' Too Hard" single yet still rock with
the same intensity. Disc 3 is still fine garage/psychedelic 60's with
The Wind Blows Your Hair, Falling Off The Edge(Of My Mind),
Satisfy You, and Lose Your Mind. I did in fact, lose my mind when
I saw Sky Saxon perform a few years ago. They did quite a long set
of music,which was amazing, and while watching them perform with my
eyes closed it sounded like I was transported back in the 60's.
The sad part is, he moved back to the USA,and lived recently in
Austin,Texas, which to me, sounded like he was going to do a lot more
touring and shows here, and that's a real shame that people are not
going to see him perform again. I should post some of my photos
from the live show, he was really energetic, and fun.



The Jackson Five- Anthology 2 Disc Set and The Ultimate Collection

Sure this doesn't fit into my blog, but everyone wants to hear it.
I'm like a DJ and try to play requests. So I'll guess I'll be a good
blogger and post it. These two disc sets are pretty much out of
print,and the best sounding and have all the hits you would want
to hear from the early to mid 1970's. Which is, I guess my favorite
Michael Jackson period. I didn't realize I had a favorite
Michael Jackson song or period, But I guess I like the
"Dancing Machine Soul Train Robot Dance Period".
That was always fun to watch. Includes scans of the artwork,
and pin up pictures suitable for framing.



RIP Sky Saxon of The Seeds

Monday, June 8, 2009

Gene Vincent - The Best Of Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps -Woman Love

20 Tracks strong, this is a great introduction,education and primer
book on Gene Vincent. There are however, several boxed set editions
of more Gene Vincent out there in cyberspace, but this one sounds
real good! You want more, go and get them. But this one will
certainly get you going. He wasn't just famous for "Be Bop A Lula"
and I find his lesser known tracks to be much more interesting.
Listen to the fabulously erotic track "Woman Love", and see
what I'm talking about. Clearly he's inspired by gospel music,
country and rhythm and blues and you can hear all of these styles of
music on this one cool disc. Link in the comments daddy-o.

Good Girls Gone Bad- Weird Wild and Wonderful Women Rockers

I'm koo koo for this one. 27 Various Artists tracks of girls gone wild-
rockabillies and rockers. Lotsa crazy women like : Sparkle Moore,
The Miller Sisters, The Kirby Sisters, Margaret Lewis, Helen Bozeman,
Linda Brannon.and many more....You say you never heard of 'em?
So what,? Now you got a chance to. They're GRRRREAT!
Just listen to Barbara Pittman doing "I Need A Man",
or Bonnie Lou doing "Friction Heat" , or "Dirty Dishes" By Jeani Mack.
The girls can do rockabilly and rock just a good as the guys.
Link in the comments dudes,tricksters,hucksters, and chickadees.

The Traveling Record Man- Various Artists- Historic Down South Recording Trips of Joe Behari & Ike Turner

Whoo hoo, I love getting and sharing this music...and I'm hopped up
to tell you about it. This release has some super rare stuff by:
Howlin' Wolf or Howling Wolf - an acetate of "Riding In The Moonlight"
which was a reworking of "Moaning At Midnight"
"Morning At Midnight"

Plus there's a real nice version of Pinetop Slim doing a
fabulous take of
"Baby, Please Don't Go", and the one man band
of the great Joe Hill Louis.
There's something raw and wonderful about
the blues, that you can also hear in a lot of rockabilly music.
These recordings were made between
1948-1953 and were issued by Modern Records, and worth a
isten. So, please give them a chance.Many of the tracks were never
issued, on vinyl or released to the public until now. Hipsters try this new
active link here. Traveling

Slim Harpo - The Best of Excello Records - Baby,Scratch My Back

This will fix your mojo, man. These 16 tracks will whirl around
in your head, and make you a believer that Slim Harpo, is and was
one the best rhythm and blues artists ever. They say he's "Swamp
Blues", but I really don't care what they wanna call it, it's just
plain great. You can't eat a diet of just rockabilly music,and not hear
this too, folks! And even Mick Jagger said: " What's the point in
listening to us doing "I'm A King Bee", when you can listen to
Slim Harpo doing it?"
Well, I couldn't agree more. But then, The Stones recorded a lot of old
blues songs, and were champions or at least were honest about who
inspired them. I just saw a clip of Howlin' Wolf on Shindig ,baby.
And that the Stones were not gonna do that show unless The Wolf
was on it with them, was a testament to them as music lovers. What's
that got to do with this? I don't know. But I know that a lot of artists
are inspired by other artists.The track "I'm a King Bee" was inspired by
Memphis Minnie's awesome Bumble Bee song.
The man, Slim Harpo meant business, they say he carried around
a large metal tackle box filled with harmonicas to his shows,
and you can hear he meant business on this fine release. This is
just like some starting fluid on your coals in your grill to get you going.
I suspect you'll want more of this once you hear stay tuned.
Link in the comments and I've got love if you want it...