Friday, July 31, 2009

Patsy Cline- 12 Greatest Hits Ultimate Master Disc

Patsy Cline has one of thee most recognizable voices in music.She started
out in 1948,and built up a following on various shows as
Old Dominion Barn Dance, The Louisiana Hayride, The Big D Jamboree,
Ozark Jubilee, and finally The Jimmy Dean Show in the mid 1950's.
Then she reached the peak of her career making it on the Grand Ole Opry.
Success wasn't over night,and I think once you heard her voice,one couldn't
deny her talents. It was enough to make most men melt. So, here's 12
of her best songs, to melt you with: Walkin' After Midnight,
Sweet Dreams (Of You), Crazy (my theme song for sure), I Fall To Pieces,
So Wrong, Strange, Back In My Baby's Arms, She's Got You, Faded Love,
Why Can't He Be You, You're Stronger Than Me, Leaving On Your Mind.
I don't know what's wrong I should check my temperature, but I think
this romantic-y music is getting to me...any doctors in the house?
Patsy Cline

Johnny Cash- The Sun Records Years Limited Edition CD Set

This is a really nice set of 3 discs,of early Johnny Cash music,that
came out on a really small label in Italy of all places.Fruit Tree Records.
Licensed from Charly Records, so it's fine quality and this series is worth
noting for it's excellent sound,and well, it's Sun Records singles and
tracks from albums that you must own.There's 20 tracks per disc,and it's
really very moderning sounding for recording made in the mid-1950's.
They must have gone back to the master tapes to make these.
Tons of tracks: Two Timin' Woman, Folsom Prison Blues,
Luther Played The Boogie, Mean Eyed Cat, Big River Blue Train,
Fool's Hall Of Fame, Wide Open Road, Cry,Cry,Cry, Hey! Porter,
Get Rhythm, I Love you Because, I Forgot to Remember to Forget,
Train Of Love, Goodnight Irene, Doin' My Time, Rock Island Line,
The Wreck Of The Old 97, Belshazar, I Was There When It Happened.
And this is only disc one.
Disc Two: So Doggone Lonesome,I Couldn't Keep From Crying,
There You Go, Don't Make Me Go, Country Boy,
I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow,
Remember Me(I'm The One That Loves You),Goodbye Little Darlin',
Born To Lose, Always Alone, Life Goes On, You Win Again,
I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You, Cold,Cold Heart,
Hey,Good Looking, I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You),
Give My Love To Rose, New Mexico, If The Good Lord's Willing,
Leave That Junk Alone,
Disc Three:
Straight A's In Love, Ballad Of A Teenage Queen, Oh,Lonesome Me,
Port Of Lonely Hearts, Guess Things Happen That Way, Sugartime,
My Treasure, You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven,
The Story Of A Broken Heart, Come In Stranger, You Tell Me,
Katy Too, Next In Line, The Ways Of A Woman In Love,
Thank A Lot, Home Of The Blues, It's Just About Time,
I Just Thought You'd Like To Know, Down The Street To 301,
I Walk The Line.
Johnny's such a romantic softie,and you gotta love him.
The Sun Years Disc 1
The Sun Years Disc 2
The Sun Years Disc 3

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wanda Jackson- Right Or Wrong 4 Disc Box Set 1954-1963

Well,since you loved Wanda so much,I have this to add
to your library of music. This set came out on the much loved
label Bear Family, and I'm happy to be able to share this
with all you fans of rockabilly,country and snarky girl rockers.
This set features 124 more Wanda Jackson songs you can't live
without. There's country,rockabilly,rock 'n' roll, and even some
exotic sounds from Wanda. 4 Discs complete with artwork,
which is really fine looking, and some awesome photos of
her in her prime. This set came out in 2001, and was hard to get
even then,fans of Bear Family know it's hard to find this stuff.
If you EVER see a copy of this for goodness sakes buy it!
You'll be kicking yourself if you don't. The sound is lush,
and jaw dropping. My buddy heard it, and immediately had
to have a copy, and he's this dyed in the wool hippie.
(I mean he can't stop listening to that late 60's album rock)
Apparently Wanda Jackson had an "effect" on him.
Yeah it's that good. Even if you're NOT a fan of country music,
I think Wanda is still very easy to like,so give it a listen,and
tell me what you think.
Wanda Jackson Disc 1

Wanda Jackson Disc 2

Wanda Jackson Disc 3

Wanda Jackson Disc 4

Saturday, July 18, 2009

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Comments are now to be moderated,with a word verification,so
that people like "sexy" will stop using MY blog for their advertising.
What a dipshit you are, sexy. People don't be afraid to make a
comment or say hello, even thank me once in a this is a photo
of my actual computer above and it takes me like 2 weeks to post a
new blog. It's a slow computer,weighs a ton, but you should see me
playing my games like Doom, Heretic,Tetris, and Quake 1.0 I totally kill!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Michael Yonkers Band-Microminiature Love and The Twin Cities Electronics Mad Scientist

I think this sums it up,so why bother writing my own...
A cult artist the likes of Captain Beefheart, the Fugs and
the Godz, Minneapolis' Michael Yonkers
has been toiling in
obscurity since the late '60s. With a solid foundation of surf rock
and garage,
Yonkers pushes the limits of distortion with guitar
and effects modifications, and a raw and blunt
approach to
underground rock & roll. Born in 1947, Yonkers began playing
guitar in the early '60s.
Raised on Link Wray and the Trashmen,
he officially started his music career as the leader of
Michael &
the Mumbles (great name!)who played proms and dances in the
Twin Cities area. Constantly
redefining and stretching the limits of
their sound, the group eventually evolved into
Michael Yonkers Band
with Michael's brother Jim on drums and Tom Wallfred on bass.

In 1967, Yonkers cut his Telecaster down to a plank and began
the other modifications on
his equipment that would solidify the
band's unique approach. Soon, Minneapolis music
Peter Steinberg landed the band a contract with Sire Records,
not unusual for
a time when major labels were combing the
underground for bands like the Mothers of Invention.

Microminiature Love was the group's first full-length and was
intended to be released in
1968, but for reasons still unknown,
the deal with Sire fell apart and the band broke up,their

brilliant debut left languishing on a shelf.In 1971, Yonkers'
back was broken in an on-the-job-
accident at an electronics
warehouse -a twist of fate that led to years of exploratory
that only made matters worse, and an allergic reaction
to X-ray dye that left the guitarist with
a degenerative spinal cord
condition.But Yonkers kept recording, and released three solo

albums on his own label in 1974-Grimwood (recorded in 1969),
Michael Lee Yonkers
(recorded in 1972) and Goodby Sunball
(recorded in 1973) as well as Borders of My Mind
Jim Woehrle.Thy Will Be Done followed in 1976 and then
Yonkers was relatively unheard
of for two decades. In 1997,
Get Hip Records released a compilation of songs recorded at
Minnesota's Dove Studios called Free Flight:
Unreleased Dove Recording Studio Cuts 1964-69

which contained two songs from Microminiature Love,
"Puppeting" (which was mislabeled as
"Microminiature Love") and
the anti-Vietnam war song "Kill the Enemy." These stripped-down,

seminal art rock tracks caught the attention of De Stijl's
Clint Simonson, who spent over a year
searching for Yonkers.
Simonson released the virtually forgotten Minneapolis psychedelic-garage

album Microminiature Love in 2002. The vinyl-only edition quickly
became a record collector
favorite, and in 2003 Sub Pop put out the
CD of this strange, lost album complete with six bonus

tracks recorded circa 1968. -Charles Spano, All Music Guide.
Also: I included the fabulous Dove Records 2 acetate tracks,
that appear on the Get Hip release,so now you are a Michael Yonkers
completest. Big Giant Thank You to Clint Simonson for having the
foresight to see the unusual talent that he did!
I'm bonkers for Michael Yonkers.
Microminiature Love

Dove Records Acetates

The Rolling Stones-Satanic Sessions 8 CD Set and the brilliance of Brian Jones

It's the 40th Anniversary of Brian Jones mysterious death,and
I just came across this set,and think it's fabulous
Crisp clear studio outtakes, and several versions
of songs we
all know and love: versions of : Jigsaw Puzzle,
2000 Light Years From Home,Citadel, We Love You,
Child Of The Moon, She's A Rainbow, The Lantern,
Sing This All Together, Gomper, 2000 Man.
Plus some working song titles: Gold Painted Nails,
Majesties Honky Tonk, In Another Land Chorus,
Soul Blues, Blues # 3, Five Part Jam, all of these are clearly
songs they're still trying to work up into the album. A lot of critics
thought maybe the band was just trying to compete with
The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper,but from listening to this, this is just
another record with a variety of ideas, and songs, perhaps it was
an attempt at making a story or trying to string songs together to
make a themed album. It was actually slated to be released before
the Beatles album,but courts,drug busts and other things kept them
out of the studio,and made it that harder to make cohesive album.
Still, this is cool,and you feel like a fly on the wall getting a
chance to hear how they make songs.
Complete with artwork,fronts/backs with detailed take numbers,
and song titles, enjoy!
Volume 1 Disc 1

Volume 1 Disc 2

Volume 1 Disc 3

Volume 1 Disc 4

Volume 2 Disc 1

Volume 2 Disc 2

Volume 2 Disc 3

Volume 2 Disc 4